Friday Apr 27, 2018

Melissa deVita

Deputy Superintendent for Financial Services and Operations Bellevue School District

“Confused about School Funding in your School District? Join us today to get some clarification!”

Introduced by: Howard Johnson


School funding has been a hot topic in Washington State for the past few years and this year, with the increases in property taxes being experienced throughout the Puget Sound area, there has been even more focus.  There is confusion as to how schools are funded in Washington State.  How much is the state funding?  Are local levies still needed?  What does full funding of basic education mean?  In addition to these questions, many are concerned about the dramatic increases in property taxes.  Are the increases being used to fund schools or are there other drivers?   Today’s program will provide clarity to these questions.


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Executive Committee

Rotarian of the Month for April - Scott Sadler

By Kaj Pedersen

Kaj Pedersen and Scott Sadler share a joke at last year’s Gold Tornament

Scott Sadler is our Rotarian of the Month for April.  This award was presented in light of the tremendous work that he and the RI Foundation committee have accomplished over their last few years of campaigning around EREY.

This month the foundation numbers talk to the effectiveness this committee’s work in 2017-18: $377 per capita amount (3rd in District) | total amount to date is $33K (4th in District) | Polio Plus stands at $1,587 | Our current total is $84,374, thanks to a benefactor contribution from Jim Owens and makes us 1st in the District.

Scott also acknowledge the support from his committee with a special mention for Jim Zidar’s contributions to their work. Well done to you all!

By Kaj Pedersen

Dustin Walling made an urgent request related to our All in for Autism run next Sunday, 4/29.

We are 90 volunteers short of what we need and the police department will not let us hold the event unless this gap is filled.  We are contacting nearby Rotaries and other organizations to get the call to action out within our respective networks in the community.

The help is needed from 6:15AM to 9:45AM in Bellevue Downtown Park.  For more information and to sign up, register via the yellow button with this message – be sure to put our club name as the “Volunteer Organization” when you sign up.