First Week Wrap-up

Posted By John Martinka

The first week is in the books and it was successful. On Friday we worked at two schools to create Wi-Fi networks. Rod took one group to the “easy” school, easy because all the buildings are connected by a covered walkway. Alex and I took another team and one-half to the “tough” school. Tough because it has 15 buildings around its campus and we had to run wires through concrete walls, string wires from building to building like electrical lines, and deal with other logistical issues. We got about half done and will finish Monday.

The above will allow the use of laptops in the classrooms, a major step forward for these schools.

Jan’s new sewing project continued to be a success with a small fashion show Friday and will have their final lesson with her on Monday. Last year’s center is thriving and the ladies will be presenting at the “International Women’s Day Street Fair. Laura and Jan found a couple outlets for them to sell their wares.

As mentioned before, the teacher training appeared to be excellent. I think TRF will be pleased with what we’ve done so far. Our follow-up metrics will show if the teachers paid attention and are using what they learned (the facilitator knows this and will monitor it).

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