Example Business Introduction: Sheldon Sweeny

Posted By Paul Osborn

Welcome to the BBRC (Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club) Vocational Minute

(This will be read during a meeting, then posted in our Club’s Vocational Database)

Name: Sheldon Sweeney

Description: Financial Advisor for Comprehensive Planning, I went to college at the California Maritime Academy and earned a Bachelor’s Degree. My industry exams taken and passed include: Series 7, 63, 65, Life and Disability insurance.

What I have to offer fellow Rotarians and friends :

  • I work with individuals that are losing sleep at night wondering if they’re going to be able to retire and scared that when they do they may have to alter their lifestyle or worse yet, they’ll outlive their money.
  • They often feel victimized by the effect of taxes and are discouraged by their tax bill at the end of the year.
  • They typically work with an advisor that addresses part of their finances, but are worried they are missing pieces by lacking a coordinated strategy.
  • Clients find relief from these concerns when working with me and having a plan that addresses their entire financial situation.

These may not be areas of concern for you, but do any of these concerns sound familiar for people you know?

Something unique about my practice is that I market to women. Did you know that the current statistic in our industry (Financial Advisors*) is that upon the death of the male spouse 75% of women leave their Financial Advisor and seek someone else. (*I must say that I do not think this statistic holds true for my fellow advisors in Rotary, however it is a shocking statistic in our industry)

What Rotarians can offer in support or good introductions for me:

  • I help clients who are widowed or divorced and losing sleep about their financial game plan
  • I help clients who are upset and worried about having enough money to make it through retirement
  • I help clients who need a honest approachable person to ask questions that they may be embarrassed to ask
  • I help clients who are angry about their tax situation as they approach retirement
  • I help clients who feel crippled by the daunting task of making a successful exit plan from their business so they can retire comfortably.

If any of these areas I mentioned resonate with you or someone you know, I’d love to have a conversation.

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