Vol. 13, No. 24, December 11, 2000

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John Mix
Club Administrator John Mix

The Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club Board of Directors has hired John Mix to be Club Administrator. Mix served in a similar position for four years from 1989 to 1993.

President Cary Kopczynski reported the action saying, “By unanimous vote, the Board decided to hire a part -time administrator to assist the secretary and treasurer. By another unanimous vote, the board selected John Mix to fill the position. His previous experience and active role with the BBRC weighed heavily in the Board’s decision.

Mix’s new role will be to assist the Club Treasurer by collecting the mail weekly, making weekly bank deposits, entering information regarding individual member accounts into the Club’s database, generating computer treasurer’s reports monthly, and generating and mailing member quarterly statements.

John will also assist the Club Secretary by inputting data on member attendance and changes in member information, and generating monthly data for District attendance reports, and monthly Club attendance reports. He will also compile mailing labels upon request, make up red badges for new members, and order blue badges, He will compile annual reports for District Governor, compile committee lists and post to the website, hold inventory of Club letterhead and envelopes, and do special projects, as required, relating to database management.

President Kopczynski and the board are “excited about the efficiencies expected to be realized. By removing the responsibility for the routine, but time-consuming, work from the secretary and treasurer, it will allow them to be more effective in their respective Club roles.” Kopczynski additionally commented that Mix “will bring fresh ideas to the table for improving current Club functions and will help in smoothing the transition between administrations. An important role will be to provide continuity for Club operations. The Board of Directors is delighted to have hired John as the new part-time BBRC administrator.”

John joined the club in March of 1986, sponsored by Dr. Howard R. Pyfer. He has held the post of Sergenat At Arms, under Dick Clarke, and has been Committee Chairman of Publications and Communications, having written and edited the weekly newsletter Reveille since its beginnings in 1989. Today , John chairs the Club’s Communications Committee, which has primary responsibility for website management.