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RI 2000-2001 THEME
Create Awareness-Take Action

Vol 13, No 5     July 31, 2000

Strategic Planning & Leadership Coaching

Raffle Report

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This Week's Editor
Mark Hough

August 4 Speaker
The Coffeehouse Investor – discover Wall Street's counterculture approach to investing as Seattle author and financial columnist Bill Schultheis reveals the three principles of investing made famous in his nationally acclaimed book, “The Coffeehouse Investor – How to Build Wealth, Ignore Wall Street & Get On With Your Life.”

Annual Croquet Tourney
Wednesday, August 9
Red Hook Brewery
The fee is $45, which includes, as you might imagine, BEER. It begins at 3:00 p.m.  We need two more members to complete a team.  The Sunrise Rotary Club has been supportive of our golf tournament. Let’s support them too!

Rotary Run
Please contact Craig Nelsen for details.

Thought For The Week


Strategic Planning & Leadership Coaching

Friday’s featured speaker was Mary Santiago, a trainer and coach in strategic planning for Alaska Airlines individuals and companies.

Mary pointed out that in order to benefit from strategic planning, you have to identify your values; then understand your mission; then have a vision of how to put that mission into effect; and, finally, to make priorities based on that vision, in order to realize it. More

Raffle Report

The BBRC version of a Presidential Campaign is underway, but not without considerable evidence of chicanery. The Whig Party candidate, Jim Zidar, seems to have been nominated in a straightforward, above-the-board manner. Not so Dick Brown, the Tory Party candidate.  More

Sergeant At Arms Corner

Apparently, Rourke O’Brien hasn’t gotten totally into the groove yet. He wasn’t booed and hissed, but actually applauded when he strode to the podium. And, he’s still pretty light on fines.

Alan Bohling received only a $5 fine for a terrific article on his business with the PIJohn Martinka received only a $3 fine for an article in the Eastside Journal. Of course , John, never one to underestimate his own worth, expressed some disappointment that his article was only worthy of a $3 fine, at which point Sergeant O’Brien raised it to $5.  Way to go, John!

Rotary Minute

Do you know the origin of the Four-Way Test?  Well, we didn’t either.

It appears that Rotarian, Herb Taylor, the President of a company called Club Aluminum, thought up the test as a way to bolster his sagging business in 1932 Chicago in the depths of the Depression. Ultimately, his business failed, but Mr. Taylor went on to become President of Rotary International in 1954, at which time he introduced the Four-Way Test to Rotary.




Mark your calendars and get out your grooming kits.The BBRC’s first beautiful legs contest for men only will be held on Friday, August 18. Female BBRC members will judge and stupendous prizes will be awarded, all compliments of the Tory Party.

Howard Johnson’s father died earlier this week at the age of 91. The funeral was Saturday, July 29. Our sympathies and best wishes go out to Howard and his family.

Thought For The Week
Those people are happiest who are moving forward so fast they have no time to think about it.”

Points of Interest
The District 5030 Leadership Center will open this summer for members of the District. Applications for enrollment are being accepted. Contact Dick Clarke.

Lists of BBRC Committee members are now available in the Members Only Section.

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