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Election of 2000 Convention –
The Raffle Is Underway!

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Vol. 12, No. 42, May 1, 2000

 Election of 2000 Convention –
The Raffle Is Underway!

Andrews & Peterson
Party Chairs Jenny Andrews and Terry Peterson get things rolling at the BBRC Raffle Convention Friday.


Olds & Einstein
Wendi Olds poses with Will Einstein representing the "State of Euphoria."


Lorraine Gunderson
Lorraine Gunderson boosts the state of Blame Canada during the BBRC Raffle Convention.


Clarke & Wilson
District Governor Nominee Bob Wilson of Lynnwood [R] reflects on a conversation with Past District Governor Dick Clarke.

With the Club divided between the Tories and the Whigs, the drafting of delegates for the seven “states” took place Friday amid red, white, and blue bunting, skimmers for everyone, martial music playing in the background, and placards screaming slogans. With this exercise, the 2000 Raffle is underway!

With Steve Lingenbrink as Convention Chairman, the two parties introduced their State Delegation Chairmen. The Tories are led by Jenny Andrews and the Whigs by Terry Peterson. No one showed up for the Mugwump party.

For the Tories, the seven states are:

  • The State of Nirvana, chaired by Jeff Cashman
  • Blame Canada, chaired by Lorraine Gunderson
  • The State of Enthusiasm, chaired by Sharon Edberg
  • The State of Excitement, chaired by Dale Hemphill
  • The State of Shock, chaired by Steve Roberts
  • The State of Confidence, chaired by Dick Tschetter
  • The State of Euphoria, chaired by Wendi Olds

For the Whigs, their delegations are:

  • The State of Denial (or DeNile), chaired by Scott Sadler
  • The State of Mind, chaired by Kim Shrader
  • Altered State, chaired by Chris Ballard
  • The State of Perfection, chaired by Rob Lemmon
  • The Fine State of Affairs, chaired by Shelley Noble
  • Visual State, chaired by Rick McManus
  • The State of Panic, chaired by Bob McNulty

Next the convention moved into the drafting of their delegates from the BBRC roster. By a drawing held earlier, the State of Denial had first pick. Sadler’s first choice was a “Gem," Steve Goldfarb. Each state had five draft picks during the first round, a total of 70 Rotarians. The remaining 42 club members will be assigned their “states” by a mysterious, secret process, according to the Convention Chairman.

New member Lorraine Gunderson entertained the audience with her Canadian Mounties outfit, representing the state of Blame Canada. As she made her first selection, she explained, “I will build my team by picking members whose last names will spell ‘Canada.’ Therefore, my first selection is Rick Klobucher!” The crowd loved it.

With all the hoopla, the party faithful cheered and generally had a good time of things. District Governor Nominee Bob Wilson, from the Lynnwood Club, observed the proceedings.


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