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Vol. 12, No. 42, May 1, 2000

 Website Directory Gets Green Light

A “Members Only” Directory will become a part of the BBRC Website on or about July 1st, according to Website Committee chair Steve Roberts. Members will be able to access the directory with a login ID and password, consisting of the member name plus another confirmation password. Once inside the Directory, members will be able to scroll an index to select which member page they want to pull up. Each member’s profile will be located on a separate page, just like the paper directory. The page will contain a color picture of the member and information that is contained in the current paper directory.

New features will include sections devoted to the member’s vocation and special interests. Each member will create his/her own paragraph as part of a “census” to be posted and completed during this month of May. A concurrent program will be the taking of digital pictures by Larry Gill. He will randomly select members during the next several meetings, both before and after the meetings. Watch for email notification when the “census” form is posted.

The online directory will be maintained by Robin Stark. The system will not allow members to update their own pages; all changes will be routed through the webmistress. However, changes can be easily submitted through an online form that will be posted on the directory site.


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