Third Quarter Update from Enky

Posted By Paul Osborn

An Interview with Enky

What is something extraordinary you’ve been up to this term?

I have been continuing with my applications for university. For one, I started with the applications for bursaries. I was shortlisted for the REAP bursary and the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship.

It was a surreal moment when I found that I had been selected for an interview for both of the bursaries. We have been preparing for the interviews through difficult test interviews coordinated by the Imagine Scholar facilitators. I can say that I have attained the skills needed to excel in any type of interview. Also, I got accepted to the University of Pretoria as a provincial candidate.

 What book are you currently reading?

The book that I have been reading is titled Avalon High by Meg Cabot. Before I had read one titled Ready or Not by the same author. I was specifically looking for easy read books that could help me with the exam stress that I was dealing with. Both of the books are young adult books revolving around typical teenager problems such as relationships. I found them to be helpful when it comes to de-stressing and just getting a good laugh. I could really recommend them for any teenager who are looking for a fun and easy read and want to give their minds time to rest.

What was your favorite Imagine Scholar moment this past term? Why?

This past term we were blessed at Imagine Scholar with visits from students from the Groton School in the US. It was the most amazing experience I have had in a long time. I learned a lot from the different type of students, like what makes them successful at school and how their lives differs from ours. One of the students from the Groton group changed my outlook on studying abroad. She grew up here in South Africa but has been attending the Groton school since grade 9. I was really inspired when I saw that it can be easy to study abroad while keeping touch with your family still.

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