Friday Jan 22, 2016

“Vocational Service…Good for you, Good for your Club and Great for Rotary”

Chris Boland

Scribe: Mark Hough

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BBRC Vocational Service Committee– Student of the Month–  Rotary Foundation – Adios, Tim Johnstone – Thought for the Week

Speaker Program

Tim Leahy introduced the speaker, BBRC member Chris Boland. Chris is on the BBRC Vocational Service Committee and serves as the District Vocational Committee Chair.

Chris recounted the beginning of Rotary, the absolute centerpiece of which was the support of other Rotary Club members in their businesses and professions. For instance, Rotarians could be fined for not dealing with other Rotarians. And Chris gave another example – the first service project was the construction of a public women’s bathroom in downtown Chicago, so women could keep shopping!

Although emphasis on vocations is a strong element of Rotary clubs in other parts of the world, somewhere along the way in the US, the fundamental tenet of Rotary, vocational support, has become lost. Indeed, in many clubs, members may be fined for mentioning their businesses or professions! Chris seeks to return this concept to its rightful position in Rotary. The District along with the other district on the West Coast has proposed a tagline: “Recognize occupations of all Rotarians and the application of their talents in the spirit of service for the betterment of their communities.”  Many BBRC members agreed and a spirited discussion of ways to highlight and honor members’ vocations ensued. One idea was to support other groups and get together to support all members in their vocations. Another was more emphasis on classification or reclassification talks. It is clear that this discussion was long overdue and this program hopefully will be the first step in invigorating the club to come up with ways to give it its due.

President Paul called the meeting to order. Steve Peters gave the inspirational thought and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Dennis Newell greeted guests and visiting Rotarians.

Club Business

President Paul called the meeting to order. Steve Peters gave the inspirational thought and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Dennis Newell greeted guests and visiting Rotarians.

Student of the month

Bob Holert introduced our Student of the Month, Chelsea Blanes, a senior at Sammamish High School. Chelsea’s outstanding academic and service record are all the more remarkable since it has been only six years since she and her family immigrated from the Philippines. Chelsea plans a college career, majoring in biomedical engineering or biological sciences, and after that, medical school, studying to become a surgeon.

rotary foundation

Jeff Cashman and Dick Brown recognized and passed out Paul Harris awards to the following Rotarians:

Dustin Walling PH 

Dennis Newell PH (Dennis’ first, but he gave the two previous awards to family members) 

Tom Leonidas PH +2 

David Bolson PH + 8 

Francine Weaver PH + 1 

Steve Luplow PH + 4 

Chuck Kimbrough PH + 5 

Chuck Barnes PH + 2 

Robin Callan PH + 4 

Ann Norman PH + 7 

Jim Zidar PH + 4 

Fantastic dedication.  Congratulations to all!

Adios, Tim johnstone

President Paul recognized long time BBRC member, Tim Johnstone, who is leaving the club as he moves to New Hampshire. Happy Trails to you, Tim!

Thought for the Week

Logan Pearsall Smith: “The test of a vocation is the love of the drudgery it involves.”       


About the Speaker

Chris is a member of Bellevue Breakfast Rotary and he was previously a member of Woodinville Rotary. He has been active at the District level for a number of years.