Friday Jan 15, 2016

Peter Jewett

Principal Engineering Geologist and Co-Founder Farallon Consulting

“Preparing for Earth’s (and Our Region’s) Future”

Introduced by: John Martinka

The meeting started with Susan Beals giving the invocation and leading the club in the pledge of allegiance.

Bob Holert introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians.  There were several of each but one visitor in particular stood out.  Tom Helbling returned after a long illness.  Tom was given the full BBRC welcome.

Larry May introduced James Probus of Bellevue Christian as the student of the month.  James was a much faster talker than this scribe could keep up with.  But he had many accomplishments and is on his way to Whitworth with a psych degree in mind.  He was joined by his family and a couple of teachers.

The club was again honored as the recipient of the Golden Donut award from Rotary First Harvest.  David Bobanik of RFH presented the award.  The award is for the club having more volunteers show up to pack food than any other Rotary club.  There was also a push for members to attend the RFH annual Hearts and Wine event February 12.  See the website for details

Wendy Fischer presented information on what a sponsorship for the “Walk Run, All in for Autism” is worth to the community.  Bottom line.  Your name in lights and do some good at the same time.  The Walk Run committee can help you offload your money.

Carmella Ramaglia announced that Mark Hough would have fireside chat after the meeting to give more information about his time in Afghanistan and Bosnia trying to set up the rule of law.

Dan Sullivan got his blue badge as an award to running the BBRC gauntlet for new members.

SAA Ann Norman comforted Scott Hildebrand for his Alma mater’s loss in the Football Championship bowl.  It could be said that Clemson did not lose, just had the misfortune of being behind when time ran out.  Ann also collected a $1 from all without their Rotary pins.

John Martinka introduced the speaker Peter Jewett, principal engineering geologist and co-founder of Farallon Consulting.  He spoke on the changing character of environmental issues.  The biggest problems are the challenge of the unknown.  We do not always know what our actions today will do in the future.  He gave an example of the Tsunami in Japan.  500 million tons of debris in the water that was supposed to hit the northwest coast in 18 months but never showed up.  The debris has broken up into small pieces and is circling in the northern Pacific.  No one is sure what will happen to it.

He touched on how environmental issues affect the economy both negatively and positively.  He had many local examples.  And on the other side, how today’s economy affects the environment of the future.  While much of how today’s economy and regulations will affect the future is unknown, he pointed out that we can successfully take charge of the environment with flexibility, passion, and creativity.   All people have to get involved.

President Paul informed the speaker that 1,000 pounds of fresh produce was donated to Rotary First Harvest in his name.  Donation courtesy of Steve Goldfarb of Alvin Goldfarb Jewelers.

Thought for the day from famed naturalist and painter, John James Audubon.  “A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children”.

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Community Service Judges Needed

The BBRC sponsors the Community Service Project prize every year.

DECA is still looking for 30 more judges for our Written Events Evaluation, and could use your help!  Written judging will be open Thursday, January 14 – Friday, January 22. .Instructions on how to pull these projects will be emailed on Thursday, January 14.

The high school DECA students have submitted over 600, 30-page business plans, market research, community service, and public relations projects for State Competition. New this year, you can spend a few hours from the comfort of your home, office, or coffee shop evaluating and scoring these projects online.

Each project should take anywhere from 15-30 minutes to read.  After reading, judges will submit scores following an online form for that specific project.  Judges are encouraged to read 8 projects each, with the opportunity to read more.

Anniversary Party

Cash, Check or Credit??

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If you signed up (and paid) for your Anniversary Party Tickets at a BBRC meeting, you are NOT on the master list! You must contact Carmela ASAP so we can include you in our counts. Space is even more limited than we thought!! If you know you’ve be procrastinating about getting your Anniversary Party tickets – do not wait for next Friday’s meeting. Get your tickets on the website today!!

Club Admin: Fellowship Committee

Fireside Chat with Mark Hough

By Carmela Ramaglia

Join our very own Mark Hough in the Glendale Bar after our January 15th meeting to hear more stories of his time overseas. Mark spoke on “Implementing US Foreign Policy – Nurturing the Rule of Law in Two Very Different Post-Conflict Countries” last November. One meeting was not long enough to hear about his experiences, what he learned, and what perspectives he can offer. So join us in a “follow-up” discussion of his time abroad.


RYLA Applications needed!

By Madeline Gauthier

Rotary Youth Leadership Award Applications are now sought! We are focusing on 10th and 11th grade students who would like training in leadership. Please contact me for applications. The event is the weekend of March 10-13, 2016. Applications are due by Feb. 12, 2016.