Friday Feb 7, 2014

Update on the Bellevue School District

Tim Mills

Superintendent of Bellevue Public Schools Bellevue School District

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In May, 2013, the Bellevue School Board hired Dr. Justin “Tim” Mills as the new Superintendent of the Bellevue School District. While Board President Paul Mills said that all three candidates were strong, Dr. Tim Mills stood out for his experience and understanding of diverse communities and English language learners.

“We felt strongly, and heard loud and clear from the community, that we needed someone who can not only understand our diverse and evolving student and parent population but help all families thrive in our education system – not just those who speak English.“

The BBRC holds its weekly meeting every Friday morning.  Fellowship starts at 7:00am, and the formal program begins 7:30am.

About the Speaker

Prior to his role in Oregon, Tim Mills was superintendent in the Mesa Valley County and Brush Public School Districts—both in Colorado. He served as a middle school principal and assistant principal in Mesa Valley County and began his career as a teacher in Colorado and Arizona.