Friday Feb 14, 2014

Happy Calories Don't Count: Reclaiming the Relationship with Your Body

Carmela Ramaglia

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To celebrate Valentine’s Day, our speaker is Carmela Ramaglia with her presentation “Happy CaloriesDon’t Count: Reclaiming the Relationship with Your Body”!

“Happy Calories” is an alternative lifestyle for health and wellness. “Happy Calories” describes a state of being of being characterized by free and life affirming relationships with food and exercise. and last,“Happy Calories” is a whimsical phrase that invites a conversation to discuss the deeper, underlying issues of our weight loss struggles and the dysfunction and dangers of the conventional, cultural diet and exercise approach to weight management.

The BBRC holds its weekly meeting every Friday morning.  Fellowship starts at 7:00am, and the formal program begins 7:30am.

About the Speaker

A trailblazing maverick, Carmela is redefining the self-help and weight-loss paradigm and quicklybecoming internationally recognized as a leading authority in clarifying the issues surrounding diet, exercise, self-esteem, body image and weight loss. Size double zero to doubleXL, Carmela has livedand experienced it all. She truly understands the unique and painful struggles dysfunctional relationships with food and exercise create – and she knows the way to freedom, happiness and sustainable results.

Carmela is the author of “Happy Calories don’t Count(neither does unhappy exercise)”, “The New Body Mind Makeover” and “Your Most Magnificent You”. She is also a contributing author to the digital magazines, “Wellness Women 40 and Beyond” and “Conscious Living Soul”. Through her keynote presentations, suite of life changing home study courses and group coaching programs, Carmela helps women end the battle with their bodies and transform their relationships with food and exercise to create weight loss results that work!