Friday Aug 18, 2017

Doug Peterson

Senior Business Strategist Bovo-Tigue

“Unleashing The Hidden Capacity of Your People and Teams”

Introduced by: Tom Helbing

At Bovo-Tighe they strongly believe that people are sub optimized. In other words, people have a lot of magic in them that is not utilized.  Doug’s talk is about what gets in the way of unleashing the hidden capacity in people to improve productivity and get results.

Areas that Doug will discuss in his entertaining and informative presentation are:

  • What is Hidden Capacity?
  • What’s In The Way?
  • How Can Leader Lead Better?
  • How To You Get More Magic Out Of Your Team?


Club Announcements

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SAA: SAA Support

SAA team sync up at 3rd Thursday

By Curtis Cummings

If your on the SAA committee or want to participate in upcoming club/meeting hyjinks, come to Paddy’s this Thursday (or in Irish – it’s the tird tursday of da munt) and we’ll think up the next round of fun. 🙂

Third Thursday – August 17th 2017


Social Event  •   Organized by Club Admin: Fellowship Committee
By Carmela Ramaglia


Our beloved monthly tradition of 3rd Thursday Happy Hour is quickly approaching!!

Join us at Paddy Coyne’s at Bellevue Square on Thursday, Aug 17th  for Friendship, Fellowship and FUN!!

The party starts at 4:00 pm – or whenever YOU get there!! 🙂