Friday Aug 18, 2017

"Unleashing The Hidden Capacity of Your People and Teams"

Doug Peterson

Senior Business Strategist Bovo-Tigue

Introduced by: Tom Helbing

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At Bovo-Tighe they strongly believe that people are sub optimized. In other words, people have a lot of magic in them that is not utilized.  Doug’s talk is about what gets in the way of unleashing the hidden capacity in people to improve productivity and get results.

Areas that Doug will discuss in his entertaining and informative presentation are:

  • What is Hidden Capacity?
  • What’s In The Way?
  • How Can Leader Lead Better?
  • How To You Get More Magic Out Of Your Team?


About the Speaker

Doug Peterson is an experienced business leader and mentor. He understands the complex dynamics in today’s competitive business environment. During his 40 years in business, he has led six companies in various industries including Management Consulting & Recruiting.

Doug has spent the past 16 years coaching and mentoring leaders and teams to unleash the full capacity of themselves and their people in over 70 companies across many industries. He is a serial entrepreneur and has owned 6 different companies including a management consulting firm and an executive recruiting firm. Doug also managed a band that did back up vocals on the Hall of Fame rock band, “Heart’s" first album, "Dreamboat Annie”.