Friday Aug 25, 2017

"Looking at the Social and Emotional Development of Children: What we know and how it is impacted in Foster Children"

Rosanne Carter

Infant Mental Health Therapist Kindering

Introduced by: Michel Carter

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All BBRC members are familiar with the adoption party BBRC puts on in the fall each year for foster children. Today’s speaker will help us understand the challenges foster children are faced with and how they can be helped.

Our speaker today, Rosanne Carter, will discuss the following issues:

“Understanding what we mean by social and emotional health and why it is so important. Babies and toddlers cannot exist by themselves. They need people close to them to help them in every way. How children think about themselves and others starts from the first day of life, and develops as they interact with their caregivers and others close to them.”

About the Speaker

Rosanne Carter is an Infant Mental Health therapist; she received her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Seattle Pacific University in 2006 and her Infant Mental Health certificate from The University of Washington in 2013. She works at Kindering, a not-for-profit neurodevelopmental center, that provides comprehensive services for children with special needs and their families. The focus of her work is primarily supporting the parents/caregivers in understanding the social and emotional needs of infants and toddlers through relationship based work.