Friday Oct 4, 2013

Top of Mind Awareness...What it is, Why You Need it and How to Get it

Joe Heslet

Executive Vice President Syndicated Solutions

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Joe Heslet, Executive Vice President of Syndicated Solutions and a Principal of Heslet and Associates will present “Top of Mind Awareness…What it is, Why You Need it and How to Get it.” Joe will discuss the correlation between how the human brain processes information (Electronic memory vs. Chemical memory) and why you need this to effectively market and advertise your business and not waste money.

About the Speaker

Joe has an extensive career in advertising, radio station general management and branding, and is also involved with radio and television syndication with Syndicated Solutions. The role of Heslet & Associates is more than acting just as sales and marketing consultants. It is their job to integrate into their client partner's management team. This includes creating brands as well as conceiving and implementing market and advertising campaigns. Their clients use them as their sales team for lead generation and actual sales. Their years of experience and expertise bring an outside perspective but at the same time, they function as an integral a part of their client's organization.