Friday Aug 21, 2015

"The Salvation Army's work on the Eastside"

Lt. Darryck Dwelle

Corps Officer/Pastor, Eastside Corps Salvation Army

Introduced by: Alan Pratt

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Lt. Darryck Dwelle will give us an overview¬†of the Salvation Army’s Eastside Corps and their mission and the work they are involved with in our communities!

About the Speaker

Lt. Darryck Dwelle was born and raised in northern California and joined the Salvation Army Eastside King County Corps in July, 2011 following his graduation from the Salvation Army Officer Training College in Crestmont, CA with an Associate of Arts degrees in Ministry.
Darryck worked with the Salvation Army at Roseville Corps in California prior to attending training college and serves with his wife Lt. Sierra Dwelle. They are both current students of Indiana Wesleyan University. The Dwelles have two sons, Zechariah and Justus. Before joining the Salvation Army, Darryck worked as a wild land firefighter for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection and Sierra was an administrator of a SA social service office. They have always had the heart to serve and believes it is their life's calling to be a support to those that find themselves struggling in our community.