Friday May 7, 2021

"The Bird and the Hippo: a 10-year-old's wisdom rediscovered, repurposed, and reinvested"

Rebecca Pierce Murray

President, Author, Speaker Showcase Your Shine

Introduced by: Wendi Fischer

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Our featured presenter discovered The Bird and The Hippo story nearly 50 years after writing it while rifling through some old papers. Instantly, she knew she had found a treasure. Each time she shared the story aloud, Rebecca’s audience encouraged her to publish it.  Three years later she had done exactly that. In bringing her childhood story to the world, Rebecca hopes to remind others that aspirations of youth can remain a source of inspiration for creative adventures later in life. She will also share how she is working with Boys and Girls clubs to bring the story and its messages to life. Today you will hear The Bird and The Hippo story, a bit of its back story, and how the book is being used currently as a leadership development tool with disadvantaged youth. Now, it’s with great pleasure that I introduce The Bird and The Hippo: A 10 year old’s wisdom rediscovered, rekindled and reinvested, presented by its author, Rebecca Pierce Murray!

About the Speaker

Rebecca Pierce Murray works with leaders who want their influence to shine in person, on screen, and on stage. As President of Showcase Your Shine, an image consulting and video production company located in Skagit County, Rebecca uses her confidence and team-building strategies to produce media products ranging from compelling photos and videos, to mini-documentaries, and live-streamed events. As a confidence connoisseur she combines her speaking, facilitation and production skills to help clients book more business, seize more opportunities and inspire more minds. Her biggest thrill comes from helping clients perfect and project an image that truly reflects how they see themselves and how they wish to be seen by others.