Friday May 14, 2021

"Attain Housing Explains the Rental Debt Crisis"

Carol Ryan / Greg McLeod

Development Director / Program Services Manager Attain Housing

Introduced by: Morris Kremen

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The negative economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to burden many vulnerable Eastside families strapped with mounting rental debt and the threat of eviction. The challenges of our low-income neighbors is expected to last well into 2022. Learn how Attain Housing and other service agencies are working to prevent an eviction tsunami by working with renters and their landlords to pay off rental debt accumulated during the pandemic. Keeping people housed simply makes financial sense!

About the Speaker

Greg McLeod, Program Services Manager, joined Attain Housing in September 2016, with 5 years of experience working with vulnerable populations, providing case management and resource navigation. He had worked at a nonprofit in Seattle, providing support and assistance for individuals with criminal histories, substance abuse, mental illness, and housing issues. Greg is dedicated to assisting people in overcoming obstacles and is passionate about every individual’s capacity for change.

Carol Ryan, Development Director, joined the Attain Housing team in 2018. Her career has spanned daily newspaper reporting, magazine editing, corporate marketing, nonprofit fundraising, and storytelling. Carol delights in engaging donors, volunteers, and leaders to uncover their “whys” for giving back to the community and connecting them to others who share their passions. She also enjoys exploring and strengthening the interconnections between people and organizations working to create a supportive, thriving community. Carol is a native of the Seattle area, a graduate of Seattle University, and now lives in Bothell with her husband and their two teenagers.