Friday Oct 7, 2016

Claudia Balducci / Kevin Wallace

King County Council / Bellevue City Council

“Sound Transit 3 – The $54 Billion Question”

Introduced by: Tim Leahy

Claudia Balducci reviewed the growing traffic issues in our state.  Congestion cost our commuters 3.2 billion, that’s 1500 per commuter in time lost due to traffic.

Proposing ST3-A light rail system that will involve Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Issaquah, Mercer, Sammamish, etc.

For Bellevue, the light rail to go, on the east side from Lynwood to downtown Renton.  Then from east Bellevue to Issaquah.


Benefits are you get out of traffic,  this program, ST3, will create jobs, sustainability will be advanced.


Kevin Wallace spoke on NO on ST3.

Project will cost too much and we need to think more broadly about what the government can provide, not suck up money into an other transportation system.  You can find on all of the information you need to realize how expensive and families would pay higher taxes.  Car taxes would quadruple and home taxes increase.

We would be looking at one of the largest tax increases in history.


Good – the early year projects may reduce congestion without raising taxes.  We would also see immediate changes.  Bus rapid transit stations installed, adding more bus hours and increasing bus system all together.

Bad – 6 light rail extensions would not solve the transportation issues of today, we would not see changes on this until 11 years from now and the ST3 program would be 6 times the cost than if we improved the transit system.


This November we have an opportunity to vote yes or no on ST3.  Go to to obtain more information.


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Int’l Svc: World Community Svc Comm.

Imagine Scholar - Update from Enky, our sponsored student.

By Fred Janssen

Hello Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club   –  Happy October!

Attached is your quarterly update on Enky. If you have any questions for her or wish to write, please feel free utilize me as a liaison. Enjoy!

Kind regards,

Megan Nellis
Program Director
ZA- +27 (0)76 657 3365

In-House Banner Displays

BBRC 'Cause Evangelists' Step Up

Other Event  •   Organized by PR: In-Club Brand Evangelist
By Paul Osborn

All of the banners have been now claimed!  Larry Gill was taking pictures of all our wonderful “Cause Evangelists” this morning, who will be featured on the banners.

Our dedicated BBRC members are…

  1. Alan Pratt (Polio) and Paul Osborn (Malaria)
  2. Kim Shrader and Jeff Cashman (The Rotary Foundation)
  3. Desiree Yuzawa (Rotaract) and Susan Beals (Interact)
  4. Chuck Kimbrough (Adoption Party)
  5. Howard Johnson/Morris Kremen (Rotary First Harvest) and Steve Peters (New Bethleham)
  6. Martin Clavijo (Colombia Water) and Steve Roberts (Haiti Water)
  7. Colleen Turner (Youth Exchange)
  8. John Martinka (Computers for the World) and Mitch Freedman (Scholarships)