Friday Sep 30, 2016

Vicki Horsfield

Executive Director Creating Opportunities for Guatamalans

“Creating Opportunities for Guatemalans – Lifting children out of poverty through education”

Vicki is looking for help with the Guatemala programs.  Salaries for part time staff, staff salaries, living conditions and improving sewer conditions.

Vicki is started to learn Spanish 15 years ago and wanted to immerse herself into Spanish to speak it.  She chose Guatemala because it was the cheapest to fly to.  She learned very quickly the needs of the small children and immediately changed her focus in life and her journey for making changes.

Vicki explained that if a student is given the opportunity to learn they will be be given the potential to contribute to the world.



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In-House Banner Displays

BBRC 'Cause Evangelists' Step Up

Other Event  •   Organized by PR: In-Club Brand Evangelist
By Paul Osborn

All of the banners have been now claimed!  Larry Gill was taking pictures of all our wonderful “Cause Evangelists” this morning, who will be featured on the banners.

Our dedicated BBRC members are…

  1. Alan Pratt (Polio) and Paul Osborn (Malaria)
  2. Kim Shrader and Jeff Cashman (The Rotary Foundation)
  3. Desiree Yuzawa (Rotaract) and Susan Beals (Interact)
  4. Chuck Kimbrough (Adoption Party)
  5. Howard Johnson/Morris Kremen (Rotary First Harvest) and Steve Peters (New Bethleham)
  6. Martin Clavijo (Colombia Water) and Steve Roberts (Haiti Water)
  7. Colleen Turner (Youth Exchange)
  8. John Martinka (Computers for the World) and Mitch Freedman (Scholarships)