Friday Mar 9, 2018

"Remodeling your home - whether Staying or Selling!"

Traci Tenhulzen / Tanya Franzen-Garrett

Executive Producer / Tenhulzen Residential Realtor / Sound Properties Team Sotheby's International

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With the local real estate market’s rapidly escalating home values, a consideration for many of us who have owned our home for sometime is either remodeling or moving. If you want to upgrade, is remodeling a more logical choice than selling and moving? If you remodel, what amenities are most in demand and what will they cost? What remodeling projects will bring me the most value when I do sell my home? These questions and others will be answered by the dynamic BBRC team of Traci Tenhulzen of Tenhulzen Residential and Tanya Franzen-Garrett of Sotheby’s International.

About the Speaker

Traci and Tanya, both members of BBRC, will give us different perspectives of the value of remodeling your home. Traci, from her experience with Tenhulzen Residential, can tell you what projects home owners today find most appealing while Tanya can share, from a Realtor's perspective, the value of that remodeling when you decide to sell.