Friday Mar 16, 2018

Aaron Schmookler

Co-Founder and Trainer The "Yes" Works

“RADICAL ACCEPTANCE” – Recognizing genius in yourself and others for exceptionally fruitful relationships!

Introduced by: Clint Merriman

The most interpersonally adept among us know secrets of collaboration that can be employed by us all to enhance the presence and authenticity required for exceptional relationships. And these buzzwords, “presence” and “authenticity” are not mysterious, unattainable qualities. They’re aspirational, sure. And perfection isn’t the standard. Striving is the standard.

The Yes Works trains teams in a system of principles and tools that compress the timeline of building personal and professional relationship effectiveness – of team effectiveness – to get and give the most value out of every human interaction.  

Conventional wisdom says:

  • Dude, it takes a lot of time to build trust. And who’s got time?
  • In some relationships, can’t live with ‘em… Oh, well.
  • People are like that. What am I supposed to do?
  • You’ll just have to wait and see. Oh, you’ll see.

  Why wait? Conventional wisdom misses the mark, and it’s a bummer to boot.

In this highly interactive presentation/workshop, participants receive one tool to put into practice TODAY to being to transform existing and future relationships. It’s simple and still challenging. So participants will practice as well. Nothing changes perspective like experience.

 As Marianne Williamson said, “A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love.”

Club Announcements

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RI Foundation (EREY)

Major Donor Recognition - David Bolson

By Kaj Pedersen

David Bolson receives his award from Jeff Cashman

Congratulations to David Bolson who was recognized as a Major Donor to the Rotary Foundation this year.  Our thanks to David who has been a tremendous Rotarian both in service and with his financial commitment to the Rotary cause.

Community Svc: Service Projects Committee

Eastside Baby Corner Update

By Kaj Pedersen

Helen Banks from Eastside Baby Corner speaks to our members

Our thanks to Helen Banks who addressed our Rotary members on the work of the Eastside Baby Corner in giving children a stronger start in life with adequate food, clothing, beds or safety equipment.  BBRC has supported Eastside Baby Corner and we look forward to continuing to do so in the not too distant future.  We will be looking to organize a work project at the Issaquah facility in July /August and more information will be made nearer the time.  We will keep you posted.

Fundraising: Bellevue 10K Run/Walk

Striding into spring with the ‘All in for Autism’

By Kaj Pedersen

All in for Autism 10K Runners Beginning their Race

The Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club (BBRC) with their partners Kindering, and Special Olympics, are encouraging everyone to seek healthy lifestyles by signing up for the All in for Autism 5K/10K Run/Walk on the April 29.  Click on the yellow button to read the Bellevue Reporter article!

Community Svc: Service Projects Committee

Tavon Learning Center Update

By Kaj Pedersen

Therese Vafaeezadeh from the Tavon Leaning Center updates our members

Therese Vafaeezadeh, the Founder and President of the Tavon Learning Center, addressed our members about the center’s work.  The mission of the center is to contribute to the vitality of our community by providing active learning and community programs that empower adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to acquire home and community living skills.  Very much a mission that aligns with the BBRC’s goal of supporting the local services within the local community.

BBRC made a donation of $2,000 to the Tavon Learning Center.  Part of this donation included a $500 contribution from District 5030’s Speed Grant and again demonstrates the power of Rotary in its collaboration across the organization.

New Generations: Scholarship Committee

March's Student of the Month - Jaelin Gates

By Kaj Pedersen

Jaelin Gates – our March Student of the Month

Congratulations to Jaelin Gates, our March Student of the Month, from Sammamish High School.  We wish her well in her pursuit of global development, particularly in Spanish-speaking regions.  She told us about her passion for Spanish after she was taught by a teacher who was able to inspire her passion for the language.

We wish Jaelin success in her journey, especially where she can make an impact in her pursuit of global development opportunities.

Club Admin: Fellowship Committee

Fellowship Field Trip - Holocaust Center

By Carmela Ramaglia

The Holocaust Center for Humanity will be exhibiting the North America Premiere of the Anne Frank – Let Me Be Myself Exhibit.  The Fellowship Committee has organized a personal tour for our Club on Sunday, March 18th – 11:30am.

The exhibition shows the story of Anne Frank from her birth in 1929 up to her death in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945.

Anne Frank is a Jewish girl who has to go into hiding during World War Two to escape from the Nazis. Together with seven others she hides in an attic area of a home in Amsterdam. After more than two years in hiding they are discovered and deported to concentration camps. Anne’s father, Otto Frank, is the only one of the eight people to survive. After her death Anne becomes world famous because of the diary she wrote while in hiding.

Space on our tour is limited – please RSVP as soon as possible. 

The Holocaust Center for Humanity is located at 2045 – 2nd Avenue, Seattle.