Friday Jun 27, 2014

Reflections and Lessons Learned After Stumbling

Brian Jorgenson

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Brian will be offering a snapshot of what’s going on in his life in the midst of a very public stumble. He will be candidly sharing his introspection and providing his insight on the lessons he’s learned at a time when his future is still very ambiguous. This is a story of failure, faith, poor judgment, hope, fear and restoration.

About the Speaker

A born and raised Washingtonian, Brian Jorgenson was on an impressive trajectory in his professional life. He graduated in just over three years from the School of Business and Economics at Seattle Pacific University in 2003. After positive stints in finance and strategy at Washington Mutual and as a Portfolio Manager at a private investment firm, Brian joined Microsoft in 2011 as a Senior Manager in the Treasury group. While his professional life continued its ascent, his personal life was also flourishing with a loving wife and four children at home. Brian was leading a balanced life while still helping serve in the community. Then in November 2013, his world came apart as a result of a severe, self-inflicted mistake.