Friday Jun 4, 2021

“Hearing Loss – The Silent Epidemic”

Monique Hammond RPH


Introduced by: Bob Holert

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As we mature, many of us find hearing to be more difficult! Did all that loud music take its toll? This morning Monique Hammond will join us to discuss her research in hearing loss. In her presentation, Monique discusses various aspects of hearing and stresses that hearing loss is permanent and not only for older people anymore.   She also discusses how to prevent hearing loss and ways to better cope with it.  She will also discuss how COVID-19 is impacting hearing loss.

About the Speaker

Monique Hammond is a Registered Pharmacist. A loud sound exposure at a church fund-raiser contributed to a sudden one-sided deafness that eventually ended her hospital pharmacy career. In her book "What Did You Say?", she shares her story and all the details on ears and hearing loss that she has had to learn the hard way. Her intent is to impower people thru education so that they become their own advocates. The Second Edition - an updated version of her book's first edition - was published in 2016 after the first edition sold out. To purchase a book, check this website - Monique will be joining us via Zoom from Minneapolis Minnesota!