Friday Jun 9, 2017

"Healthy Living to 100"

Dr. Josh Oncken

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Dr. Josh Oncken provides a fun, lively and humorous presentation on how people are living longer and with a better quality of life. During this workshop Dr. Josh will apply the techniques he uses for improving quality of life and will apply them to the “corporate athlete” like you. Learn how to live without any limits. “Live Like You Mean It!” This is Dr. Josh’s favorite workshop.


About the Speaker

Dr. Josh Oncken is a local doctor and wellness expert. He has done talks for local companies including Walgreens, Expedia, City University, Rightside, City of Renton, and many others. His passion is to empower people to make a proactive change in their health by understanding the design of our bodies. Dr. Josh is certified in posture and spinal biomechanics, and brings logical steps into the workplace with lively, fun, interactive presentations.