Friday Dec 12, 2014

Global Innovation for Brain Health

Peter Chiarelli

General, USA (ret.)/CEO One Mind

Introduced by: Jim Gordon

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General Chiarelli will be speaking about the current synergies, or the lack of, in the field of neuroscience, the challenges of change and the work of One Mind (

About the Speaker

General Peter Chiarelli, USA (Ret.) was appointed the Chief Executive
Officer of ONE MIND in 2012. He is a retired General with almost 40 years of
As the 32nd Vice Chief of Staff in the Army, Chiarelli was responsible for the
day-to-day operations of the Army and its 1.1 million active and reserve
soldiers. This included the oversight of many of the Army’s R&D programs,
and the implementation of recommendations related to its behavioral health
programs, specifically its Health Promotion, Risk Reduction and Suicide
Prevention Program.
As commander of the Multi-National Corps-Iraq, Chiarelli coordinated the
actions of all four military services and was responsible for the day-to-day
combat operations of more than 147,000 U.S. and Coalition troops. He was also the Senior Military
Assistant to the Secretary of Defense Robert Gates from March 2007 to August 2008. Chiarelli pioneered
efforts to restore government, economic stability and essential services during two tours in Iraq;
exercised command and control of combat operations; and trained, prepared and mobilized reserve
forces for critical response operations. He retired from the Army in 2012.
As the CEO of ONE MIND, Chiarelli continues his advocacy to benefit all affected by brain disease and
injury through eliminating the stigma and fostering fundamental changes that will radically accelerate
the development and implementation of improved diagnostics, treatments, and cures. ONE MIND is an
independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that believes in Open Science Principles and creates
global public-private partnerships between health care providers, researchers, academics and the health
care industry, while supporting groundbreaking new research.
In 2013, Chiarelli received the Patriot Award, the Congressional Medal of Honor Society’s highest honor
for his work to help soldiers and families suffering from the invisible wounds of war.
Chiarelli holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Seattle University, a Master of Public
Administration from the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington, and a
Master of Arts in National Security and Strategy from Salve Regina University. He is also a graduate of
the College of Naval Command and Staff, and the National War College.