Friday Nov 9, 2012

Helping Washington Succeed: What Business Can Do!

Roslyn Solomon

Executive Director Washington Business Alliance

Scribe: Jim Kindsvater Editor: Jim Kindsvater

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President Chris Monger opened followed by Madeline Gauthier leading the invocation and Andrew Face making introductions. President Chris thanked those in making last week’s Anniversary Breakfast a great affair. John Martinka spoke about the project benefits of contributing to the Rotary Foundation. President Chris announced the slate for 2013-2014 BBRC officers. Sgt. At Arms MC’d a “Name that Tune” event.Rourke O’Brien introduced the speaker, Roslyn “Roz” Solomon of the Washington Business Alliance who spoke on the subject: “Helping Washington Succeed: What Business Can Do”.

Rourke O’Brien

Rourke O’Brien introduced Roslyn “Roz” Solomon, Executive Director of Washington Business Alliance (WBA). Ms. Solomon’s address was entitled “Helping Washington Succeed: What Business Can Do!”

Ms. Solomon began noting the need for addressing issues critically with no regard to ideology. We are not doing so at the moment. We are in global competition and appear to be faced with a “defeatist” attitude. What to do?

Starbucks’ Howard Schultz, among others, uses the approach that addresses:

  •  What is our desired outcome?
  •  What data is available?
  •  What strategy can we use?

She also noted that even with a plan based on the above one cannot succeed without collaboration and participation in developing the plan; we must establish ownership of the plan. The WBA refers to this procedure as Strategic Management and they wish to have the State of Washington adopt such a plan in order to make Washington great.

Oregon is trying to implement Strategic Management including making the Governor’s Chief of Staff the Chief Operating Officer; in charge of implementing the plan across the board. So far Virginia, Indiana and Oregon have implemented the Strategic Management plan. New Jersey started it under Gov. Corzine and Gov. Christy has continued to implement the plan. The WBA wants a system that doesn’t change every election cycle.

During the Q&A session Ms. Solomon explained further.

The WBA is composed of businesses interested in improving the State of Washington. This differs from the Chamber of Commerce which emphasizes increased business for its members. WBA is primarily interested in issues such as:

  •  Education
  •  Environment
  •  Health
  •  Fiscal
  •  Transportation

When questioned about Social Services she indicated that WBA is concerned but that these safety net agencies are best served with a thriving business community which produces sufficient government income to fund the services.

She concluded by stating that we must have specific and measurable goals based on correct identification of the problem.

President Chris thanked Ms. Solomon for her inspiring presentation and gave her a card showing that BBRC and the BBRC sponsor, Katherine DeStephano, had donated 1000 fresh produce in Ms. Solomon’s name to Rotary First Harvest.

Madeline Gauthier, Martin Clavijo, Andrew Face

The morning started with an electronic “chime” as the “BELL” is in the shop for repairs. The chime was followed by President Chris’ welcome. Madeline Guathier led the Invocation by noting the following from an Unknown Author:

All I Really Need to Know About Life, I learned from Noah’s Ark

1. Don’t miss the boat.

2. Don’t forget, we are all in the same boat.

3. Plan ahead; it wasn’t raining when Noah started building the Ark.

4. Stay fit; when you’re 600 years old, someone might ask you do to something really big.

5. Don’t listen to critics; just get on with what has to be done.

6. For safety sake, travel in pairs.

7. Two heads are better than one.

8. Build your future on high ground.

9. Speed isn’t always an advantage; the snails were on the same Ark with the cheetahs.

10. When you are stressed, float awhile.

11. Remember, the Ark was built by amateurs; the Titanic by professionals.

12. Remember that the woodpeckers inside are a greater threat than the storm outside.

After the Pledge, Andrew Face introduced visiting Rotarians and other guests.


President Chris asked those who had helped make the Anniversary Breakfast last week such a success to stand and be recognized as he read their names. A round of applause was given for these participants.


John Martinka

John Martinka reminded all that the Rotary Foundation’s call for “EVERY PERSON EVERY YEAR” to contribute to the Foundation has returns to BBRC in performing projects to benefit others. John noted that one early project to provide computers for students in Slovakia used $5,000 of BBRC funds for a total cost of $19,000. The remaining funds were from the Rotary Foundation.

Recent projects in Antigua involve furnishing 1,500 computers for schools, $20,000 for school supplies, distributing 7,500 dictionaries and establishing a tele-communication link between Antigua and their neighboring island. The project cost was in the neighborhood of $300,000 of which the BBRC share was about $38,000. The balance was from the Rotary Foundation. GIVE! CONTRIBUITE! “EVERY PERSON EVERY YEAR”.


President Chris noted that we are required to advise the members of the proposed slate of officers for the 2013-2014 Rotary Year this day as the election will be December 7. The slate

Incoming Officers

of nominees is:

• President – Scott Sadler

• President Elect – Wendi Fischer

• Immediate Past President – Chris Monger

• Secretary – Jim Carney

• Treasurer – Brad Baumann

• Director, Club Administrator – Bob Holert

• Director, Membership – Jenny Andrews

• Director, Community Service – Ruben Ladlad

• Director, New Generation – Desiree Yusawa

• Director, Public Relations – Katherine DeStephano

• Director, International Service – Martin Clavijo

• Director, The Rotary Foundation – Jeanne Thorsen

• President Elect-Elect (VP) – Paul Chapman (Also Sgt. At Arms)

President Chris noted that additional nominations can be made in writing or on the floor at the meeting December 7.

Tim Johnstone
The Contestants

Tim Johnstone, SAA, was Master of Ceremonies for a game of “NAME THAT TUNE!” Bob Holert, UW, and John Uppendahl, UO, were the contestants with team members in the audience. All the tunes that were to be named were PAC 12 Fight Songs. Audience team members could assist the contestants. John won 3 to 2; good fun for all.



Steve Martin: “All I want is an honest week’s pay for an honest day’s work!”


About the Speaker

Roslyn “Roz” Solomon, Executive Director of Washington Business Alliance (WBA)