Friday Feb 16, 2018 Crack K-12 Education Innovation from Outside School Hours

Dr. Helen Wang

CEO and Co-Founder

Introduced by: Traci Tenhulzen

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Manage = is a Pacific Northwest Internet company which aims to enable rapid K-12 education innovation from outside the school by providing the best technologies for parents, educators, and schools to efficiently manage children’s enrichment so that more, creative enrichment can impact many more children. In this talk, Helen Wang, the CEO and cofounder of 6crickets, will share with you the journey of 6crickets. 


About the Speaker

Dr. Helen Wang is the CEO and cofounder of 6crickets' mission is to bring the best enrichment to children through the most advanced technologies for parents, enrichment providers, and schools. Helen is a world-renowned computer scientist who received received her Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California - Berkeley in 2001.

"Dr. Wang worked at Microsoft Research for 14 years. When computer worms wreaked havoc in the early 2000s, Helen’s research project Shield created a new product line in Microsoft’s anti-malware suite to effectively combat worm attacks and protect millions of Microsoft Windows users. Her browser security projects Gazelle and ServiceOS have fundamentally enhanced the security of modern web browsers, impacting every web user and every web developer. She founded and managed the security and privacy research group at the prestigious Microsoft Research lab while serving as a Principal Researcher at the same time. In 2014, she was elected to be the program chair for the flagship IEEE Symposium of Security and Privacy conference. She has also served on the steering committees of various top academic conferences in security and privacy to this date. Throughout her research career, Helen mentored more than 30 Ph.D. students in their research and Ph.D. theses; many of them have become professors at top universities and industry leaders.

At the height of her career, Helen took a sharp turn. A few years ago, she left the cushy and fun corporate research life and co-founded, which provides the much-needed technical infrastructure and market engine for children’s enrichment activities."*

* From an interview of Dr. Helen Wang by The Huffington Post