Friday May 19, 2017

"15 Tips to Help Employees with Autism be Rock Stars!"

Lonnie Pacelli

Author and Consultant Consetta Group

Introduced by: Alan Pratt

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Today Lonnie will discuss how he used his professional leadership experience to come up with  tips to help employees with Autism be rock stars. Lonnie and his family are personally invested in this as Lonnie’s son Trevor was diagnosed with autism at age 5 and has experienced many of the highs and lows that accompany autism. Lonnie, his wife Patty, and big sister Briana have made family adjustments throughout the years including Lonnie leaving his job at Microsoft to focus on home-schooling Trevor. Trevor recently graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Film & Media Studies and is now Media Director at Mom & Dad’s company.


About the Speaker

Lonnie Pacelli is an author, consultant, speaker, and publisher driven to equip strong PM's, build great leaders, and promote autism awareness.

Equip Strong PMs - Lonnie leverages 30+ years of project successes (and failures) to help new and experienced project managers be more effective at delivering successful projects. He has a proven track record of helping deliver successful projects while simultaneously coaching project managers; a process he calls "coach and deliver".

Build Great Leaders - Lonnie utilizes his leadership experience at Accenture and Microsoft to help new and mid-level leaders grow. His coaching approach begins with an understanding of greatest strengths and greatest areas of improvement, then puts a specific coaching plan in place to leverage strengths to help address areas of improvement. He has successfully coached leaders at all levels and knows how to help leaders grow in-the-moment so they can put new tools and techniques to work fast.

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