Friday May 22, 2015

“100 isn’t Old if You’re a Garden”

Beth Weir

Executive Director Dunn Gardens, Seattle WA

Introduced by: Bob Holert

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Speaker Program

Beth Weir, an energetic Kiwi gave a presentation about Dunn Gardens, one of Seattle’s best kept secrets. – 100 years old and few know where it is. In 1915 the Olmsted Brothers, the renowned landscape architects, designed a summer country place for the late Arthur Dunn. The estate has remained in the family and with the passage of time has come to reflect the mature grace the designers and owners desired for what was then a rural retreat. This year it is celebrating its 100 year centennial. If you missed the presentation or if you want more information, you can get it at or

Club Business

Invocation:  Matt DiJulio
Introductions  Bob Vallat

“Those Honored Dead” by Marion G Mahoney

“Why do you fly the flag today?”
My Grandson wants to know.
I fly it for the graveyards
Where the countless crosses grow.

I fly the flag for children
Whose fathers are a name
A half-remembered memory
Of a face within a frame.

I fly it for the families
Of sons and daughters lost.
They know the price of liberty
How terrible the cost!

I fly the flag for veterans
Who lost their youth in blood.
And saw their comrades slaughtered
In the carnage and the mud.

I fly it for the ones who marched
In cadence off to war
To close their eyes forever
Upon some foreign shore.

I fly the flag for grief poured out
Upon a granite wall.
The laying-on of hands that heals
The scars within us all.

I fly it for the sound of Taps –
That melancholy tune
That lays to rest those honored dead
Who always die too soon.


Camino Trail Story

Laura Adams Cosacchi gave a presentation on her walk on the Camino trail. 775 kilometers in 33 days. She thanked the club members who wrote her notes of inspiration saying the packet of notes from you all was sometimes what it took to get through a very challenging day. Her power point also showed she shared the notes with others.

Some Camino Thoughts

  • Something seems long, time consuming, and difficult; you have to do it, enjoy the process.
  • Every muscle hurts, sleep on it.
  • Walking alone without distraction is freeing.
  • Difficulty together brings friendship.
  • If someone is adversely affecting your Camino, walk on your own.
  • Waiting can be rewarding.
  • Trying to keep up with someone else can limit your possibilities, surprises can come from behind you.
  • It’s about the journey, not the destination.
  • Beauty is in front of, behind, and all around you.

Audition for Sergeant of Arms

Incoming president Paul Chapman held an addition for sergeant of arms among four contestants. Anne Norman won the honors although it seemed to be predetermined. Congratulations Anne.

District conference

Kaj Pedersen gave a quick report of the district conference. He was most impressed with the Rotaract members and their high energy level. He urged the club to get engaged with them.

Ariadna’s Fabulous Dinner

Colleen Turner made a pitch to get attendees to this dinner of Spanish & Catalonian food. It is a steal of a deal for $30 per person. Act quickly as only 20 can attend. It is at Laura Cosacchi’s home on May 31.

Haitian Water Project

Steve Peters in his usual effervescent style announced that this project was completed.

Thought for the day

by President Wendi

Children, marriages, and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they receive.

About the Speaker

Beth Weir is a native of New Zealand and a naturalized American citizen. She came to live in Washington State in 2006 after being an east coaster for a long time. She worked at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC, in the Education Department where her interest was in literacy acquisition. As a child growing up in an exuberant gardening culture she was pleased to move to Seattle and settle among people like herself who believe life and plants are inseparable. Beth was director of the docent program before becoming the director of the Dunn Gardens.