Harvey – Assistance for Texas via Rotary

Posted By Kaj Pedersen

Hurricane Harvey is pictured off the coast of Texas from aboard the International Space

By now you will have seen many pictures of the devastation wrecked by Harvey in Houston and the surrounding areas. I cannot even imagine the challenges that the many people are dealing with in the storm’s ongoing onslaught in Texas. And yet there has been selfless acts of courage and moments of humanity amid this once in a thousand years disaster that inspire us to higher purpose: Read the full story.

Widespread flooding is wrecking havoc in Houston

I know that a number of you have approached me with respect to what can we do to assist as Rotarians, especially since our next club meeting is not until 9/8. It is so very typical, and wonderful, to see the empathy that our club members have for those who are need of assistance and wanting to do something to help. So, I wanted to let you know that Rotary has stepped up and set up a method of sending financial support to those Districts most affected in Texas: Go to Rotary Support. I strongly encourage club members to take advantage of Rotary’s call to action, so we can help in this time of need for Texans.

People are gritting through the challenges in face of Harvey flooding

In terms of an update on Tropical Storm Harvey, the forecast is for Harvey to move back into the Gulf of Mexico for a couple of days before making a second landfall somewhere near the Texas/Louisiana border, on Wednesday. Harvey is then expected to slowly move northeast across Louisiana and Arkansas as a tropical depression from Thursday into Saturday. With this in mind continue to keep the people in Texas in your thoughts & prayers!

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