All in for Autism: 2017 Wrap Up

The wrap up for the All in for Autism event that was held on 23rd April, 2017. We had a successful event that led to us raising over $135K from our sponsors and participants. After expenses these funds will be will be disbursed to our partners: Kindering and Special Olympics Washington, plus Rotary projects that benefit children and families locally and internationally.

All in for Autism Run: Weekly Meeting – 14th April, 2017

We are in the home straight. The hard work accomplished by the team over the last few months is now coming to fruition with momentum starting to show in registrations. We secured the front page of the Bellevue Reporter print edition, which went out to 35K households this Friday. The weather is improving and our social media outreach remains active. Now we finish the remaining tasks to ensure a great race day on the 23rd April.

All in for Autism Run: Update Note – 9th April, 2017

We truly kicked off Autism Awareness Month with the Mayoral Proclamation and Mimi Siegel being awarded the All in for Autism Leadership Award on the 7th April. We will have a story picked up by the Bellevue Reporter on Monday. Registrations continue to show growth and revenue is still strong. We now need to push our sponsors and other avenues to make sure we get more registrations.

All in for Autism Run: Weekly Meeting – 31st March, 2017

A healthy jump in registrations (36.1%) and volunteers (73.3%) marks this week’s update. This is encouraging as we are seeing average price per registration holding at $30.70. Our progress with the All in for Autism meeting on 7th April is good – our guests and Bellevue Reporter are confirmed and we are working on b-roll in preparation. We need to lock in the final media representatives, which will happen this week.

All in for Autism Run: Weekly Meeting – 24th March, 2017

April 7th will be the press event for the Mayor’s Proclamation. We are coordinating our efforts to make this event happen effectively. T-shirts are designed in the hands of the vendor. New posters and flyers were delivered to the club. We are starting to see engagement from outreach in registrations with a 17.2% bump this week, which is encouraging. We have secured prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place positions in the 5K and 10K from Kendra Scott.

All in for Autism Run: Update Note – 19th March, 2017

We have started to plan for the PR event on 7th April. There is a lot to do to make this happen successfully. This is also going to be critical as we need to drive up registrations. In terms of logistics, our collateral will be delivered next week. We will then want to have members pass this out to the community. Revenues are actually tracking with last year and volunteers are tracking ahead in comparison to last year.