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Morris Kremen, 2 yrs
Corr Pearce, 2 yrs
Craig Groshart, 1 yr (this time!)
John Hillock, 1 yr
Ercan Turkarslan, 1 yr
Howard Johnson, 21 yrs
Norm Johnson, 19 yrs
Jan Nestler, 18 yrs
Lynne Gauthier, 15 yrs
Sadru Kabani, 13 yrs
Jenny Andrews, 11 yrs
Jane Kuechle, 11 yrs
Jeanne Thorsen, 6 yrs
Jim Everist, 2 yrs

Captain Stephen Metruck, US Coast Guard, Commander, Seattle Sector [Gordon]

“My Mother said to me, “If you become a soldier, you’ll be a General; if you become a Monk, you’ll end up as the Pope.” Instead, I became a painter and wound up as Picasso.” ~ Pablo Picasso, Spanish Artist and Painter, 1881-1973

VOL 20, NO 34, MARCH 11, 2008


Opening Bell with First Pitch by President Phil

At 7:30 AM, the bell rang and President Phil offered us an opening greeting. Phil now has 25% mobility in the arm where he had rotator cuff surgery and he no longer needs his sling. Phil noted that baseball is now underway! He even shared the following story with us to kick start the meeting:

Two friends — Tommy and Billy — were the best of friends who both loved baseball! They constantly talked about baseball, went to games, etc. They often wondered if there is baseball in heaven? Well, the agreement was that whoever was to die first would tell the other the answer, if baseball did exist beyond the pearly gates.

Sadly, Billy died first. About three days after the funeral, while Tommy was in bed, Tom heard a whisper, “Tom! Tom!”

“Billy, is that you?” asked Tommy. 

Billy said, "Yes!”

Tommy was very excited to hear from Billy and he was excited to hear the answer to their burning question about baseball in heaven.

Billy told Tommy the following, “Well, I’ve got good news and bad news. First, the good news: yes, there is baseball in heaven! Plenty of baseball, everywhere you look! However, Tom, I do have bad news. You are our starting pitcher next Tuesday!”



Invocation & Pledge

The invocation and pledge was offered with honor by Wayne McCaulley. Wayne noted that is daughter’s boyfriend is undergoing extensive training, with plans to deploy to Iraq in the fall. Wayne’s prayer was focused on our men and women in uniform, as well as the politicians who make decisions for these brave souls.


Introduction of Visiting Rotarians & Guests

Margie Burnett, our President-Elect-Elect (PE2?), had the honor of introducing our visiting Rotarians and guests. Her question was a bit confusing — she asked everyone being introduced to explain what they will be doing with their “extra hour” this weekend with Daylight Savings Time; however, in actuality, everyone loses an hour! Oh, well, the questions still went out and the answers ranged from “Work” to “Scrubbing the deck on a boat!” to “Pruning trees.”

Of note was a table full of visiting Rotarians from Vancouver Island, including several Rotary dignitaries from Nanaimo, Victoria. The Nanaimo Daybreak Rotary Club gave our club a banner, presented by Brain Kirkhope, a barrister by profession and classification.


Best Wishes to Jenny Andrews for PETS

Phil extended best wishes to Jenny Andrews, our President Elect (PE?), as she departed for President Elect Training Sessions (PETS), so she can be trained to be the best darn Rotary President of the best darn Rotary Club in the World! Good luck, Jenny! You’ll do great!


One Year Minute – No Show!

Ercan Turkarslan was scheduled to give his “One Year Minute,” however, he was a no-show. Maybe next time, Ercan!



Bob Bowen talked about the upcoming Rotary Walks! Hike for Healthy Children. But first, to get our attention, Bob offered a “Letterman-style” list of ...

Six Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Walking

  • #6 - Whenever you try to do push-ups, certain body parts refuse to cooperate!

  • #5 - Children looking through your old wedding albums ask Mommy who her first husband was!

  • #4 - You get winded just saying “5K walk.” (Whew!)

  • #3 - You come to the conclusion that if God wanted you to touch your toes, he’d move them to your knees!

  • #2 - Before you analyze your body honestly, you need to develop a terrific sense of humor!

And, finally…

  • #1 - Whenever you get on the scale, it asks you to come back when you are ALONE!

Bob announced that a new color brochure is being produced, and he reminded us of the following key details:

  • Saturday, April 26th
  • Registration starts at 7:00 AM
  • Walk starts at 9:00 AM
  • The Walk goes around Bellevue for a distance of 7 Kilometers
  • The Walk starts at the Brand New Bellevue City Hall 
  • There is a Health Fair that will be at the City Hall and actively operating before and after the walk.

Regarding the health fair, Bob said that there is enough booth space for about 10 to 12 sponsors, and we already have Overlake Hospital and Brooks Running, to name two. If anyone wants to see about having a booth at the health fair, please contact Bob Bowen.


BBRC Retreat

Steve Szirmai stepped forward to talk about the upcoming BBRC Retreat, scheduled for Gig Harbor Inn on April 4th and 5th. He noted that the Retreat is the highlight of the year, and that there are at least three reasons why every Rotarian should attend the Retreat:

1. If you want more influence on the club’s activities and where it spends its money – YOU NEED TO GO!

2. Going to the retreat is fun and a great way to socialize with your fellow Rotarians

3. We always go to beautiful venues…this time to Gig Harbor.


Tom Smith then reminded everyone that the #4 reason to attend the Retreat is that there will be golf on Friday, April 4th, and to let him know ASAP if you want to play.

Next, Elena Howell reminded everyone that the #5 reason to attend the Retreat is because she is in charge of Shop Till You Drop! Let Elena know if you want to join the shopping team.

Finally, Steve reminded all that the #6 reason to attend is that there is a bar on Friday night at the Retreat!

President Phil gave Steve the hook, with a reminder that although Steve talked of last year’s Retreat at Port Ludlow, it was actually held at Port Hadlock! Must have had a bar there, too.


Don Deasy Paul Harris Recognition

Dick Brown announced that in a few weeks, the BBRC will present the “Ultimate Paul Harris Recognition” for Don Deasy, our former beloved member, to be presented to his family.

The “Ultimate Award” is presented upon donation of at least $10,000 to Rotary International Foundation. Right now there are three in the BBRC who have earned this prestigious award.

More to follow in the next few weeks. Thanks, Dick!


King County Citizen Forums

Dick Spady, owner of Dick’s Drive-In and a Bellevue Overlake Rotarian, and his son Jim Spady, a Seattle #4 member, visited the club to talk about the upcoming King County Countywide Community Forums.

Through its unanimous adoption of Ordinance 15896, the King County Council created Countywide Community Forums in September 2007. Ordinance 15896 was previously King County Initiative 24, sponsored by Dick Spady, to enhance citizen participation, civic engagement, and citizenship education in King County.

Countywide Community Forums is a network of periodic public forums where people gather in small groups of 4 to 12 people throughout King County to discuss current issues and provide important feedback to county government and other public officials.

The program is run by volunteers, overseen by King County Auditor Cheryle Broom and coordinated by Dick Spady, and his two sons, John and Jim, where were appointed to serve as the program’s first unpaid volunteer administrators.

When at least 1,000 people have registered to act as official citizen councilors, Countywide Community Forums will begin scheduling the first round of small group discussions (focused on local transportation for the first topic). Any person who lives or works in King County can participate.

Please sign up at!


BBRC Book Drive

Our friend David Bolson arrived today to chat with us about the BBRC Book Drive. David reminded us that March is Literacy Month for Rotary. David then calmly read the first few pages of Charley Wilson’s War and reminded all of us to bring in our books to be donated to HopeLink.


Sergeant at Arms: Tom Harrelson

Oh my gawd! Sergeant Tom Harrelson arrived today to pick on none other than Steve Goldfarb!

But first, what’s that? Dick Brown’s badge was lost! Guess what: Sayoko found it! A discussion ensued about how much the fine should be and who should pay it. It started with a miniscule 50 cents and went up from there. The final result: $2 to be paid by Sayoko.

Now, back to Mr. Steve — Sergeant Tom noted that Steve is in the newspaper again, talking about local businesses and how they compete with online competition. Steve is quoted as saying: “Rarely do we see websites get involved with local or national charities ...”

Well, Steve tried valiantly to defend himself, but after some dickering with the Sarge, the end result was that Steve only had a $100 bill! Thanks, Steve!



Tim Leahy attended the DECA Conference on opening night (Thursday, March 6th), and he said that there was a nice acknowledgement for Rotary.

Ron Healy announced that the District is having a Service Above Self Day on Saturday, March 29th, with a challenge to all clubs in the District to go out and have some hands-on projects. The BBRC will have a work party at Eastside Adult Day Services that day. Details are still sketchy; probably some inside painting, roof and siding power washing, etc. Ron will have sign-up sheets next Friday on our tables. Overall, our work will be based on the weather, who signs up, etc. Ron said that we will start around 8:00 AM and end by 12:00 noon. More details to follow.


Friday Program

Good Kids, The Story of Artworks

Bob Holert made a quick introduction of Mr. Mike Peringer, the founder of a non-profit called Artworks. Mike spoke to us about how Artworks came to be and what the organization has done for the city for the past 13 years.

Mike noted that something powerful happens when you give at-risk youth a chance to create public artwork. They find a positive way to express themselves. They feel more connected to their peers and communities. And they gain real-world skills that prepare them for the future.

Mike said that at ArtWorks, their goal is to empower young people with professional opportunities in the arts. Since 1995, their programs have fostered a new sense of self-esteem, self-motivation and self-sufficiency for more than 2,000 youth through pre-employment training and subsidized employment.

Artworks was originally founded to help the SODO Business Association clean up the busway in Seattle’s industrial zone. The plan was to create vibrant murals that would enrich the surroundings and discourage graffiti and litter. It was such a success, this area is now known as the SODO Urban Art Corridor.

This notable collaboration of private and public partners facilitated the creation of ArtWorks — an arts program uniquely able to reach out to at-risk youth while enriching our communities. The scope of their work has expanded far beyond the Art Corridor. Today, they create murals for schools, businesses and parks throughout the city — and they’ve added a wealth of new opportunities for young people to get involved with the arts and move their lives in a positive direction.

Mike noted with some amazement that after they hired kids from the King County Courts they did not re-offend!

They also worked with Paul Allen and the Fry Art Museum and established a year round program to make mural. For example, Turner Construction purchased 500 Construction Site panels for placement around QWEST field during its construction. Artworks has worked with over 5000 youth during 13 years, painting almost 2000 panels/murals.

Mike said he had been back to Washington DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia, where their leaders were asking Artworks about their story and looking for Artwork’s experience on figuring out ways to make this happen in their cities.

Mike told us a story. Several years ago at a Rotary #4 meeting being held at the then brand new Sheraton Hotel, Artworks got to give presentation. Artworks had panels in lobby of the hotel with kids “slopping paint” — got some Rotarians to help! One of the kids was asked to speak to the assembled Rotarians. Angel, a 15-year-old girl, was speaking and suddenly stopped. She looked at someone in the Rotary audience, pointed and said, “I know you, I tagged your building!” The Rotarian she was addressing was onsite when Angel was arrested!

Anyway, after the Rotary meeting, Angel and the Rotarian got together and the Rotarian gave Angel a check for $2,000! Rotary #4 gave Artworks $10K. Angel has gone through art school and is now working in the local area doing murals. 

Executive Director Terry Pottmeyer also took some time to talk about Artworks and to mention how the program is now year-round, serving and helping kids throughout King County.

Terry mentioned that Artworks just finished a program in the Rainier Valley. It was a graphic design program at Rainier Community Center. One young man got very excited about program; he came every day to classes. A Rotary person at another club stepped forward to help the Rainier program out.

During Q&A, a question was asked if the Artworks program is only for juvenile offenders. Mike noted that they have juvenile offenders and senior citizens and school kids. For example, when making one mural near Holgate and 5th Avenue, famed glass artist Dale Chihuly came down and supervised the development of the mural, including 25 seniors, 25 elementary kids from Chinatown, and 14 “gang” members.

Mike and Terry received a round of applause from the BBRC members for their good work and were presented the Thank You Gift Card by President Phil.


Web Fun 

Contributed by Chuck Barnes

A little girl asked her mother, “How did the human race come about?‘

The mother answered: “God made Adam and Eve and they had children and so all mankind was made.”

Two days later she asked her father the same question. The father answered: “Many years ago there were monkeys, and we developed from them.”

The confused girl returned to her mother and said: “Mom, how is it possible that you told me that God created the human race and Papa says we developed from monkeys?”

The mother answered: “Well, dear, it is very simple. I told you about the origin of my side of the family, and your father told you about his side.”