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Vol. 18, No. 2, July 11, 2005


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IT'S BACK TO GLENDALE THIS WEEK AND “The Rest of the Story,” with Washington State Supreme Court Justice Tom Chambers. Justice Chambers will give the BBRC insights into recent high-profile cases that the Court has heard, many that didn’t make the papers.


John Mix had surgery to replace his right knee and he won't be back at his post for a while. According to Shirley Mix, John’s surgery was successful and he would be glad to receive emails from everyone, since he will be laid up for a while with his computer for company.

[Ed. Note: Mix's computer decided to be cranky and refused to cooperate in the sending of golf photos. Stay tuned next week for digital evidence of a good time. Have faith. And, be nice to Mark Hough, Tom Smith and Wendi Fischer, who have volunteered to make sure there's not a break in publishing the Reveille. Thanks to those special people.]

If you've got a hankerin' to see golf photos before next week, take a gander at last year's Golf Outing photos here in the Reveille Archives.

The Friday Program:
10th Golf Outing A Wet Affair

x0711golferHearing that we needed one more dousing of rain to bring our precipitation total up to par, Dick Brown decided to forego his usual traditional No-Rain Dance, thinking that it "never rains on July 8." Actually, it did, and nearly 120 stellar Rotarians and guests got slightly drench at the 10th Annual BBRC Golf Outing.

Golf Director Ted Ederer looked the part of a drenched director as he finished his round and got right to work figuring out who won what. Jim Zidar was the master of ceremonies and handed the mike by President Steve Lingenbrink, who praised the golf committee and the great work they accomplished for this event.

"The moneys raised at the Golf Outing defray expenses for our annual Raffle. This is important, because even the prizes are completely paid for before one raffle ticket is sold. In other words, all the proceeds — and I mean ALL the proceeds — go directly to support agencies who need our help." The success of the Golf event directly impacts the success of the raffle. Last year, the Raffle placed over $110,000 in the hands of agencies who sorely needed the assistance.

As for the individual winners, the longest drive saw Curt Johnson cop that prize for the men; Steve Goldfarb was closest to the pin in the men's division (3 feet); and Susan Frey was taped at 5.1 feet in the women's pin competition.

Oscar Oliveria received a trophy for the straightest drive for men, while Lori Powers took home the bacon for the women's straightest drive.

In Team play, the women's team of Lori Powers, Susan Frey, Cheryl Thoresen and Margie Cherycuz carded a 3-under 69, and they wanted it known they used NO MULLIGANS. Sorry, we don't give refunds!

In the Men's Handicap Division, the team of Alan Bohling, Marty Rood, Dick Leon and Brett Hartall had a 61 with a net of 57. The team closed out with an Eagle 3 on the last hole.

In the men's non-handicap division, two teams tied with a 6 under 66. Team captains Rick Klobucher and Brian Evison were challenged to a mud-wrestling face-off, but it was called because of rain. Instead, the tie-breaker was to compare scores starting on the first hole until one team pulled ahead of the other. Both teams had 4's on the first hole; 5's on the second; but the Evison team had a birdie 3 on the 3rd hole, giving them sole possession of first place.

First place team was Brian Evison, Bill Krueger, Louise Bell and Toby Weston. Klobucher's second place team included Rick, Nancy Pellegrino, Mike Green and Bill Ingham.

Because of the steady downpour through much of the Outing, the hamburger/chicken luncheon feast was moved indoor to the restaurant. The staff did a commendable job working around the rain, a great meal was served and the players were on their way by 2:00 p.m.

With almost weekly meetings held beginning in February, the Golf Outing Committee was lauded for their great planning of an important club event. Robin Callan coordinated the meetings, with members Tim Moriarty, Ruben Ladlad, Tom Helbling, Bob McNulty, Alan Bohling, Curt Cummings, Ted Ederer and Bruce Walker.

The group was briefly entertained when Cletus showed up wanting breakfast. He got a Budweiser instead. Where is Curt Cummings when you need him?

Attendance at Friday's meeting at Mt. Si Golf course was 60. One hundred seventeen people showed up to do their best for charity. Matt Campbell was his usual congenial self as the Mt. Si golf pro. Despite the rain, the course was in excellent shape. Dick Clarke and Jim Owens did what past president do: kept a watchful eye out on the Hole-in-One hole. So far, that prize has yet to be distributed. Terry Baker and Kelly Nolan showed up for lunch, Howard Johnson kept the books, and Mix took pictures and notes.


On the Calendar

Rotary First Harvest is the second Saturday of every month.
That means Saturday, July 9th. Howard Johnson has asked that every BBRC member commit to doing at least one Saturday this year.

• • •

A private party and tour of the newly opened Bellevue Art Museum!
We will be joining several Eastside Rotary Clubs at BAM on July 12th, from 6:00-9:30pm. The event is $25 per person for food and drink. The good time is free!

• • •

The BBRC is heading out to Doo-val on
Thursday, July 21st for a BBQ at Jasper’s.
If you have met any of the Doo-val club members, you know they give us a run-for-the-money on the crazy/fun quotient. This casual, fun event starts at 5:30pm and is $12 per person.

• • •

New Member Mixer (But EVERYONE is Welcome!)
This event will take place at Peter Powell’s for Seafair! There will be boats to take people out on the water, food and entertainment. Well, there might not be scheduled entertainment, but you can count on at least a few people to be entertaining.


Thought for the week

"Do not wait for extraordinary circumstances to do good; try to use ordinary situations." - Johann Paul Richter


John Mix

John Mix




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