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Vol. 17, No. 52, June 27, 2005


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A new Rotary Year is underway this week, with the July 1st Friday morning meeting hoping for more attendance than last week. Remember, the BBRC returns to Glendale Country Club this Friday morning, July 1. This week, find out all about this year’s SeaFair celebration with Beth Wojick, President and CEO of SeaFair, the annual community celebration staged for the people of the Puget Sound region. The first weekend in August has an activity-packed calendar and Beth will tell us all about it. This is Steve Lingenbrink’s first regular meeting, so help him start the year with a bang! (O’Brien)


The Quarterly billing is on its way to you. Your attention to the contents is appreciated.

At the start of each new Rotary Year, everyone gets a break as the computer restores the attendance figures back to zero. In other words, all is forgiven! So, at the end of business on Friday, July 1, the people who attend that meeting will have 100% attendance. Those who didn’t will have 0%. This is a good time to attend at least 3 out of 4 meetings and keep your attendance above 60%.

x0627Wheels1The Friday NIGHT Program:
Rotating the Wheels

A record-breaking crowd of Rotarians and their families joined together to celebrate the annual changing of the guard — the Rotating the Wheels dinner. The event notes the beginning of a new Rotary Year, with recognition of a job well done by the Norm Johnson administration and the welcoming of the 2005-2006 new board and officers of the Steve Lingenbrink administration.

The site of all this activity was the Mercer Island Beach Club at the southern tip of Mercer Island. With President-Elect Jim Zidar performing master of ceremonies duties, the evening opened with Cyril Faulkner offering the invocation and LeeAnn Wood leading the flag salute. (Flag supplied by Jenny Andrews as last official act as Sergeant At Arms).

First order of business was to thank the Fellowship Committee for a wonderful evening, led by Sayoko Kuwahara. Special guests included District Governor Kathy Johnson, who praised Dick and Donna Clarke, Chuck Barnes and Sharon Edberg as Rotarians who particularly helped her during the current year.

The Wheels dinner was the last official act of Assistant Governor and Past President Sharon Edberg. She and Gordy are firmly ensconced in their new digs in Langley and Sharon has linked up with the South Whidbey Island Rotary Club, meeting just five blocks from her house. A heartfelt round of applause wished the Edbergs well in their new life on the island.

Zidar swung right into the business of the evening, saying goodbye to Norm Johnson and retiring members of his board. Norm brought his easy-going California style north from Santa Barbara High School and spent a career in business and Rotary, living on Mercer Island. Zidar noted that the year just ending was “a terrific one, with the dedication of the officers and directors, led by Norm.”

Highlights of the Johnson year included three major international projects involving club members. Doug Cameron participated in the October Ethiopian Polio Eradication Immunization Day; John and Jan Martinka and Peter and Molly and Conner Powell helped the Newport High School student team install a hundred computers in schools in Slovakia; and Steve Lingenbrink, with daughter Sarah, and Curt Cummings and his daughter Ciara joined an Agros project in the village of Xeucalvitz, Guatemala.

x0627LyricsWith the raffle topping out at $115,000 and a group of new members bringing new life and interests to the club, it was a most successful year.

The Two Beach Bums, Chip Erickson and Andrew Face next performed a Jimmy Buffet song to the tune of “Come Monday.” See the lyrics at right.

That said, the Bums received wild cheers and spent the rest of the night on the deck strummin’ and singin'.

The audience rose as one as Norm Johnson was introduced for the traditional farewell. “I was told by Dick Clarke that being president of a Rotary club is the best job in Rotary. Let me tell you, he’s right, and if any of you have the opportunity to be chosen for this job, don’t hesitate taking it. It’s a most gratifying experience and the work performed by the board, the officers, and committees is just amazing. I appreciated the support that came my way and the unbridled enthusiasm offered by my board. I’d like to thank my wife Carolyn who provided the special support that only your spouse can give.”

As the club’s Centennial president, Norm Johnson gave leadership to the Crossroads Spray Play Park. By legislative appropriation, the State of Washington has committed $250,000 to the BBRC’s Centennial Project. This contribution from the state is largely thanks to the leadership and tireless efforts of President Norm Johnson. With a $50,000 contribution from the BBRC and a couple of smaller, but important, gifts, the project has commitments now over $300,000. Members of the Pacesetters Committee, chaired by Wayne McCaulley, are working to secure additional donations toward the goal of $500,000.

x0627Wheels2Gifts to the current board were delivered to retiring Treasurer Margie Burnett; retiring Sergeant At Arms Jenny Andrews; retiring Assistant Governor Sharon Edberg; retiring secretary Paul Martin; retiring Club Service I director Will Einstein; retiring Community Service Director Scott Sadler; retiring Major Gifts/Foundation Director Phil Salvatori; and retiring Club Service II Director Peter Powell. Steve Lingenbrink as President-Elect and Club Administrator John Mix also received gifts. The trio of Don Chandler, Don Deasy and Dick Brown received special kudos for their highly successful work on this year’s Annual Giving campaign.

Before Norm relinquished the reins, his last official duty was to swell the ranks of the membership by one ... the long-awaited induction of Zul Alibhai, formerly of the Rotary Club of Nairobi, Kenya, and, as of Friday, June 24, the newest member of the BBRC. Zul’s application was approved several weeks ago, but he wasn't available for induction. Friday was the day!

Zul's wife and family attended the dinner and enjoyed watching the ceremony. Zul is a past president of his Kenyan club, active in district affairs and has been a 28-year member of Rotary. His classification is “Financial Advisor,” as he works for his son’s Orthodontics practice in Bellevue. Zul’s sponsor is Phil Salvatori, who originally proposed that Zul’s classification be “Zulologist.” We’re pleased to have Zul join the BBRC.

Next came the pinning ceremony, where Steve gave the Past President’s pin to Norm, and Norm pinned Steve with the President’s pin. It’s almost like being engaged! Another standing ovation greeted Norm as he accepted accolades from the crowd.

Lingenbrink stepped forward to give his acceptance speech. Steve related that he and his wife Terri and two daughters had attended the just-ended Rotary International Convention in Chicago, marking 100 years of Rotary service to the world. “It’s noteworthy that the BBRC will also have a special date to commemorate this year, as our club celebrates our 20th year in November.”

Steve informed the club that the new RI President, Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar, of Sweden, had reasoned that there was “no better motto than ‘Service Above Self.’ And, so, the new President has us going ‘back to basics by adopting our long-held motto as the motto, as we advance into our second century.’” Going back to basics includes a good look at the club bylaws, our committee structure and how we can do more of our work online.

Lingenbrink said the goal of the coming year is to “take what we have and make it better. We’ll be following our club leadership plan, we’ll be exploring our mission statement to see if it still applies, and we’ll be anxious to hear what our Blue Ribbon Committee that is already meeting may report on what alternatives are available for club fundraising. The BBRC knows how to fellowship, as witnessed by this event tonight. We’ll continue to sponsor a monthly social each third Thursday, with the next social a barbecue with the Rotary Club of Duvall at 6:00 p.m. on July 21.”

Steve also outlined more activities that would give club members occasions to expand fellowship opportunities. “We’re planning a SeaFair party with some of our boating members inviting other members aboard. We’re looking at a whole slew of outings, including new member mixers. Our goal is to continue to knit our membership together.”

Past District Governor Rosemary Aragon was a featured speaker at the RI Convention, where she told delegates that “we need to get young again.” Her comments were pegged to a discussion of demographics of the worldwide membership and that not only should clubs be attracting younger members, but should make priority efforts to bring in talented women to Rotary. These thoughts paralleled the thinking of President Stenhammar. Rosemary received a standing ovation for her remarks.

The 2005-2006 Officers and Board of Directors were recognized by their new leader. In addition to President Lingenbrink, Norm Johnson will serve as Past President; Jeanne Thorsen, Secretary; Rich Hammond, Treasurer; Sergeant At Arms Chris Ballard; Assistant SAA Andrew Face; Club Service I Director Wendi Fischer; Club Service II Director Tom Smith; Vocational Service Director Carlene Buty; International Service Director Cyril Faulkner; Community Service Director Shelley Noble; Major Gifts/Foundation Director Jane Kuechle; and President-Elect Jim Zidar.

Sayoko Kuwahara took the microphone to philosophize for a moment about the contribution that spouses make to Rotary. She oughta know ... she is one! And, there’s great truth that behind every successful Rotarian is a spouse who has a hand in making sure that Rotary is a force in our world. If that’s the case, then Rotary’s membership is more like 2.5 million people. Our spouses do make the difference!

Jimmy Z closed the program down, lots of conversation ensued amongst the guests, and a fine time was had by all.





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