Friday May 31, 2013

University of Washington football program

Justin Wilcox

Defensive Coordinator University of Washington

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Football season is close at hand and 2013 could be a great year for Husky and Seahawk football fans. On August 31, 2013, Husky Stadium will have its first game against Boise State University. Our speakers today have a vested interest in the outcome of that game and will be joining us to discuss the University of Washington football program.

For those of you who are avid Huskies, consider purple and gold as your apparel for the day, but for those of you who attended other Pac-12 schools feel free to bring your Pac-12 questions (and colors).

About the Speaker

Justin Wilcox, the defensive coordinator who led a turnaround of the Husky defense in 2012 and Damon Huard, the ex-Husky QB from Puyallup and ex-NFL QB for many years, who now works for the University of Washington Athletic Department.