Friday Mar 14, 2014

The State of the Seattle Venture Capital Market

Pete Higgins

Founder and Partner Second Avenue Partners

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Pete will discuss what is going on in the Seattle Venture Capital world, what Venture Capital firms are looking to invest in, what they avoid, and recent success stories. He will also discuss how Seattle fares in comparison to other Venture Capital markets. In addition he will share the background of his firm, Second Avenue Partners

About the Speaker

Pete Higgins is a founding partner of Second Avenue Partners, one of Seattle’s most experienced teams providing management, strategy and capital to early-stage companies.

Prior to founding Second Avenue Partners, Mr. Higgins spent 16 years at Microsoft Corporation. Mr. Higgins was a member of the Office of the President, reporting to CEO Bill Gates. He was group vice president of the Interactive Media Group at Microsoft from 1996 to 1998. As head of the Interactive Media Group, he was responsible for Microsoft’s online and consumer software businesses, including MSN, MSNBC, Expedia, Carpoint, Slate, Internet Gaming Zone, Encarta, multimedia games, desktop finance product, and hardware products such as the Microsoft Mouse.

Mr. Higgins joined Microsoft in 1983. From 1995 to 1996, he was group vice president of Applications and Content, responsible for Microsoft Office consumer and online applications, desktop finance, hardware and Microsoft Research. From 1992 to 1995, he was senior vice president of the Desktop Applications division, where he was responsible for developing, marketing and localizing Microsoft Office. From 1988 to 1992, he was general manager and then vice president of the Analysis Business Unit, leading the rise of Microsoft Excel to the leadership position in the personal computer spreadsheet market.

Mr. Higgins serves on the board of directors of Ice Energy, Modumetal, Rubicon Interactive, Insitu Group, and Market Leader (OTC: LEDR). He is a strategic director of the venture capital group, Madrona Investments, LLC.

Mr. Higgins also serves on the Board of Trustees for Stanford University, the advisory board for the Woods Institute for the Environment, Long Live the Kings, the Hoh River Trust, and is a past board member of the Washington Software Association and the Software Publishers Association. Mr. Higgins holds an MBA and an undergraduate degree in economics and history from Stanford University.