Friday Oct 2, 2015

"The New World of Books"

Andrea Dunlop

Social Media and Marketing Director Girl Friday Productions

Scribe: John Uppendahl Introduced by: John Martinka

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John Martinka introduced today’s guest speaker Andrea Dunlop, social media and marketing director of Girl Friday Productions, who discussed “The New World of Books.” Everyone has a book idea, and with expansive changes in the book publishing industry over the last few years, there are more ways than ever to bring those ideas to market. For decades, books primarily came from venerable New York publishing houses. Authors who hoped to get their books to the marketplace would have to first sign with an agent and then hope to sell the rights to a publisher. It was a daunting process with many gatekeepers between authors and readers. But with the advent of e-books, Print-On-Demand, and myriad self-publishing and hybrid publishing platforms, the game has completely changed and continues to evolve in new and fascinating ways. Whether you’re a passionate reader who is interested in the industry, an aspiring author with a book idea, or a business owner or consultant who wants to further your brand, Andrea Dunlop of the innovative, Seattle-based editorial firm Girl Friday Productions can help you learn everything you need to know about the modern publishing landscape.

Tips and helpful resources:

  • When you self-publish a book, you still need a copy editor, proof reader, cover design, etc. There are lots of upfront costs, about $10,000 to $15,000, but once your  book is done then it can be evergreen if the content is.
  • Girl Friday Productions, where Andrea works, is a full-service editorial firm headquartered in Seattle.
  • Create Space, owned by Amazon, and provides print-on-demand services. When a book is purchased they can print one book at a time and ship it, which reduces costs and risks of having to estimate how many books to print, storing them, etc.
  • Ink Shares publishes books selected by readers and can be a good option for writers.

Andrea said it takes more than an idea to successfully self-publish. You also need passion, to know your audience and then go get them. If you have an idea, know your audience and have ideas of ways to reach them, then go for it!

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Africa Declared Polio Endemic-Free

Rotary International Foundation Committee Chairman Jeffrey Cashman shared the good news that Africa is on the brink of Polio eradication, thanks in part to the continued significant commitment and contributions from Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club members. Everyone can help end Polio by donating here.

Jeff presented a framed Paul Harris Society certificate to John Uppendahl in recognition of him joining other BBRC and Rotary members who have contributed $1,000 or more to the Annual Fund, PolioPlus, or approved global grants. Jeff also announced that Scott Sadler is now chairman of the committee and that Jeff is now the new Dick Brown.

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Guests at today’s BBRC meeting included Dave McCleary, Director for the Americas, Rotarians Against Child Slavery/End Human Trafficking Now, Past President 2011-2012. Go online to to learn more.


About the Speaker

Andrea Dunlop is the social media and marketing director of Girl Friday Productions, a full-service editorial firm headquartered in Seattle. Andrea helps both her clients and colleagues navigate the fast-paced, ever-changing world of online media, working with individuals, teaching classes, and presenting at conferences up and down the West Coast. Andrea began her publishing career at Random House and returned to her hometown of Seattle to work with Kim Ricketts Book Events. She joined Girl Friday in 2011. Andrea is also the author of the novel The Sojourn, due out next spring from Atria.