Friday Jul 15, 2016

"The Kids Are Alright: Growing Up In The 21st Century"

Brayden Olson

Scribe: Traci Tenhulzen Introduced by: Alan Pratt

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There is a large issue or the Millennials in America.  Age 18 – 36, the largest demographic in our country, 87 million.

The cost of education is 600 times more than it was 60 years ago and what we are teaching students is information that has not been updated.

Since the founding of America the millennials are the first generation that are predicted to make less than their parents.

If a Millennial want sot retire by the age of 65 they would have to save 99% of their income.

There is good news!  We live in the age of miracles.  The Millennials the have technology! They are sponsoring companies that enrich the environment, they have the most number of start up companies.

The prediction is that in the next few years Millennials will be involved in government.  Encourage your Millennial to vote and get involved.

Contact the speaker at or tweet  @Brayden_W_Olson

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The judges and ultimate winner - Steve  Goldfarb
Steve Goldfarb Strips down to the knees, surrounded by judges Alex Chehab, Anne Norman, Collleen Turner, Margie Burnett, Madeline Gauthier


About the Speaker

Brayden Olson, 28, is an entrepreneur who has founded multiple companies, been recognized by Fortune Magazine as one of five “Startup Idols”, was the youngest entrepreneur ever inducted into the Seattle Chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization, and was selected by the City of Bellevue as the Young Professional of the Year. Olson has been featured in BusinessWeek, Fortune, Fast Company, and Seattle Business Magazine. The year he graduated from university, his work in gamification was ranked by Huffington Post as one of the most important innovations of the year. Outside of business, Olson is heavily civically engaged and received the signatory pen from Washington State Governor Jay Inslee for his work on the Washington JOBS Act of 2014.