Friday Oct 28, 2016

Hossein Khorram

Committee member Middle Eastern Advisory Committee

“Radical Islam”

Introduced by: Valeriy Goloborodko

Hossein Khorram and his family had to leave everything behind to escape from Iran in 1979 due to a regime change. Since then he has built a successful career and been heavily involved in political service due to his genuine desire to make a meaningful, positive, impact. This has included trade negotiations in Washington DC with representatives from the Republic of Iraq, appearances on the Voice of America, BBC and Iranian American media discussing US National Security and our policy in the Middle East. Hossein is a member of the Middle Eastern Advisory Committee for the GOP candidate, Donald Trump, for President.

Hossein’s discussion today will discuss past and present policies in the Middle East, their success and failure, as well as recommended future paths for this region to thwart Radical Islam and position the moderates in these countries to take control and find political stability.

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