Friday Jul 31, 2020

"Listen to Life"

Dan Wiggins

CEO Auresen Ltd.

Introduced by: Alan Pratt

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Today we will see a big benefit of presently holding our Bellevue Breakfast Rotary meeting via Zoom! Dan Wiggins, CEO of Aurasen, will be speaking to us from Southern California where he now resides. His subject, one near and dear to his heart, is helping people with hearing deficiencies have the opportunity to “Listen to Life”. And the plan is not to just provide this miracle to people who can buy expensive hearing devices!!

Time: The Zoom session will open at 7:00am for members to socialize . The meeting will start a 7:30am sharp, so please connect a few minutes before the meeting so we can all be together for the Inspirational Moment and Pledge.
Note: For security reasons the Zoom link is not posted on our club website. You will receive an email with the Zoom link tomorrow, Thursday. Please contact Club Administrator Kim Dreiblatt ( or text 425-444-7906) if you are unable to find the email containing the link or would like to join us as a guest.

About the Speaker

Aurasen CEO Dan Wiggins is a 30-year veteran of product development, engineering, and production, focusing in the audio and acoustics realm. Born in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Dan attended St. Alphonsus grade school, O’Dea High School, and Seattle Pacific University. He started his career in the SONAR and ultrasound world, but quickly moved to his life-long passion: audio. An avid performer and music lover, Dan was driven to build on his dream by starting a Lynnwood-based speaker brand and factory. A mere nine years later, Dan brought great sound and communication tools to people all around the world as a worldwide subject matter expert for a long list of companies including SONOS, Dolby, Microsoft, Dell, Apple, Mackie, and dozens of others.

Dan currently resides in Ventura, California, as CEO of: an engineering consultancy; a small boutique headphone brand (Periodic Audio); and through his true calling, bringing hearing to half a billion people through the world’s only user-centric hearing aid system (Aurasen). Convenient at-home programming allows anyone to fit their own hearing aids for comfort and sound. The product will be available via over the counter retail outlets such as Target and Walgreens. A benevolent effort is also planned for countries like Mexico, India, and Nigeria, where access to hearing health providers is simply non-existent. Dan deeply believes in sharing the benefits of the technology with all who need it: helping people globally “listen to life”.