Friday Sep 11, 2020

"LifePlanning: Retirement Planning Upgraded"

Rajiv Nagaich

Partner AgingOptions

Introduced by: Joanne Miller

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Will your retirement be a nightmare? It will be if saving enough money to retire is your only goal. Aging creates problems that money can’t solve—and most retirement plans don’t take that into account. That’s why retirement for 70% of Americans turns into a living nightmare, one that is 100% avoidable with the right planning.

AgingOptions helps educate the public about comprehensive, multi-disciplinary LifePlanning solutions designed to help them age in place, protect assets and not become a burden on others. We provide free consumer seminars, educate professionals, and help bring them together.

Time: The Zoom session will open at 7:00am for members to socialize . The meeting will start a 7:30am sharp, so please connect a few minutes before the meeting so we can all be together for the Inspirational Moment and Pledge.

Note: For security reasons the Zoom link is not posted on our club website. You will receive an email with the Zoom link tomorrow, Thursday. Please contact Club Administrator Kim Dreiblatt ( or text 425-444-7906) if you are unable to find the email containing the link or would like to join us as a guest.

About the Speaker

Ever since graduating (cum laude) from Seattle University School of Law, Rajiv Nagaich has been committed to the goal of having a practice that encompasses so much more than just legal planning. He believes that clients do not come to Elder Law practices to ensure that their ailing loved ones die with the biggest possible bank accounts.

Rather, clients hire Elder Law Attorneys to make sure that their loved ones can live as good a life as is possible under the circumstances without trampling their families under the weight of their care-giving duties. To me, this practice area is about helping people with issues related to the healthcare, housing, financial, and legal arenas.

Elder Law Attorneys recognize that aging is a family affair, and that proper planning must involve getting the family involved as soon as possible in their loved one’s planning process. He calls this LifePlanning.