Friday Dec 13, 2019

Vicki Capestany Justine Szymala

Literary Facilitators

“Lake Hills Book Giveaway Program: Creating Lifelong Readers”

Introduced by: Colleen Turner

Today’s presentation will include a PowerPoint slideshow entitled “Lake Hills Book Giveaway Program: Creating Lifelong Readers”. This program originally focused on Summer vacation and why it is important for children to read during the summer. This program has since been broadened to other school breaks as well (winter break, mid-winter break, and spring break). Included will be a testimony from one of the first grade teachers, whose students benefit from this program!

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Community Svc: Service Projects Committee

BBRC Holiday Giving Tree - Return Gifts by Friday, Dec. 13th

By Jason Cherney

This year we are supporting the YMCA in their effort to fulfill the wish lists of children in families who otherwise may not have much hope of receiving gifts for the holidays. Each tag on the tree is specific to an individual boy or girl in a family unit. The tags provide details about the child, their age, size, favorite color, interests/likes and special needs.

Please select a tag from the tree and enjoy shopping for one or two gifts for the child. If you would like to include more than two gifts, that is fine. Gifts for each child will be combined into two boxes. As an alternative to selecting a child’s tag from the tree, you can purchase underclothes, hats, scarves, mittens/gloves or gift cards which will be matched up with an appropriately size/age child.

Please combine the gift(s) for your child/tag in one bag with the tag firmly affixed to the outside. Bring them to a BBRC meeting on the 6th or 13th of December. The YMCA asks that we have all gifts back to them by 16-Dec at noon.

DO NOT wrap any gifts. You are welcome to donate wrapping supplies and participate in the Y’s big Gift Wrapping Party on Tuesday, December 17th .

If you have any questions please text or call Kim Dreiblatt, 425-444-7906 or email her at

Thanks, as always, for your continued generosity!

Jason Cherney
Community Service Director