Friday Jan 31, 2020

Juan Clavijo

Senior Consultant ORS Impact

Evaluation and Learning in the Social Sector: How Data and Strategic Thinking Can Drive Greater Social Impact!

Introduced by: Martin Clavijo

As the social sector invests in different strategies and initiatives, stakeholders often have questions about the work’s impact. Like in the for-profit sector, gathering relevant, rigorous, and timely data is crucial in answering these questions and supporting social innovators’ informed decisions to drive towards greater impact. Data can also play an important role in ensuring accountability to intended beneficiaries, funders, and other stakeholders. This presentation will provide an overview of why evaluation is important in the social sector, how it helps organizations learn from and improve their work, and how ORS Impact approaches evaluation to help partners accomplish their missions. ORS Impact is a Seattle-based consulting firm with three decades of experience partnering with social innovators nationwide to amplify their social impact through measurement, evaluation, and learning.

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