Friday Feb 14, 2020

"Don Deasy and Windermere Real Estate / East"

Joe Deasy

Co-General Manager / Owner Windermere Real Estate/East Inc.

Introduced by: Dick Brown

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Don Deasy was raised in Quincy Washington (who can forget the Quincy Jackrabbits), graduated from the University of Washington and was a fraternity brother of BBRC member and February Glory Day’s President Ted Ederer. Don was also a member of BBRC for 20 years and a Past President (Rotary year 1989-90).

Don joined Windermere Real Estate and his fraternity brother John Jacobi, Founder, early in their history. Today’s discussion¬† will discuss Don the man as well as his impact on Windermere Real Estate / East. And who would be better to tell us about Don than his son Joe, now a key Executive with Windermere Real Estate / East. Joe will tell us about a fantastic guy – a great father, husband, Rotarian, Husky and businessman!

About the Speaker

Joe Deasy is co-General Manager and an owner of Windermere Real Estate/East. Joe joined Windermere in 1996 as a broker and became an owner in May of 1999. He is a graduate of the University of Washington with a degree in Economics.