Friday Oct 25, 2013

Chris Walcott

President Semble

Building More Sustainable Communities

Semble has a vision of profoundly impacting every community in America by significantly lowering the cost of loans to local nonprofits, and freeing up millions for mission while strengthening community partnerships. This is accomplished by uniting socially-intentional investors with theirnonprofit’s loan needs. As a result, nonprofits lower their monthly payments and supporters of those organizations see a financial and social return.

For the last 5 years, Chris and his business partner (Todd Tarbert) have been coming alongside local nonprofits to more intentionally address the loan needs.  With millions in freed resources already realized, Semble is now beginning to expand to new states with the focus of reaching across the country with this approach. As an example, just last month a children’s camp was able to refinance its loan where the effective rate on the loan was 1.78% (down from almost 7%) that they were previously paying through traditional bank financing.

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