Friday Jun 17, 2016

Boy Scouts Today

Christian Harnecker

Introduced by: John Schwager

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Christian Harnecker will share with us how the Boy Scouts of America operates today.  He will share how the BSA is adapting to all the technological changes and several ideologies that impact today’s young people. Thanks to the original vision of the founder of Scouting, this movement unites us all despite our social and political differences.. 


About the Speaker

Back in 1989 Christian started his mentorship in property management with his Uncle. Some of the projects focused on real estate capitol, others in rental properties. From shopping malls to Motels and Inns Christian developed an interest in Tenant law and community awareness. After dealing extensively with the city of Seattle he created a non visitor zone for the Motels on Aurora Ave. He helped to free properties of drugs and protect the tenants. His major triumph was to increase the revenue from some of the properties by up to 147% within 36 months.

Parallel to his work in real estate he owned a music production company known as Sound Journey that ran for several years in the Puget Sound. This caught the interest of a publication company that hired him to be in charge of International sales and run trade shows in several states. The owner of the company was an old radio dog that mentored Christian in the Art of negotiating and marketing.

By 2008 Christian developed a stream platform to be used in Internet to broadcast programming in 2 languages. He also MC’d several shows. In 2008 the first Hispanic Radio station with 24 hours programming was born. After a few months he decided to help create a bilingual Radio Station that focused on empowering Hispanic American communities to work together. This station is still running today.

In 2010 he started as guest on KNTS Radio 1680AM talking about technology and offering options on how to benefit from it. In 2011 he helped to open up a marketing agency and has a radio show supporting that agency. In 2014 he took over the management making it possible for it to still be on air today.

In 2010 Christian, along with his two sons, got involved with the Boy Scout movement and became a Troop and Pack Assistant. Helping families to navigate within scouting and outside scouting creating a Cyber Bullying department where Hispanic families could express their concern within the school districts. Back in 2015 he became Pack Master of P90 in the city of Everett. Presently Christian is heavily involved with Scouting and the management of the first Scout Radio Station in The United States 100% Internet based. It should also be noted that he has one boy about to become an Eagle Scout and one that just earned his Arrow of Light.

Because he is bilingual and is able to connect within two worlds, the Everett School district uses his services to be a bridge within the Hispanic families and the American communities. Helping the families to navigate and be a mediator with serious problems to-do with teen’s depression, cyber bullying and low self esteem.