Friday Sep 27, 2019

Patrick Dawson

American Beard Champion Emerald City Beardos

“Bearding for Charity”

Introduced by: Margie Burnett

Patrick Dawson will discuss “Bearders” as well as Beard and Mustache competitions. All BBRC members are encouraged to grow a beard, mustache or goatee or build or buy a fake beard to “wear” at our meeting Friday, September 27.

This email was sent to all members previously!

Attention bearders* or wanna-be bearders, Friday, September 27 the BBRC program will be Patrick Dawson, second place winner at the World Beard and Mustache Championships recently held in Antwerp, Belgium.

In the spirit of “Best Darn Rotary Club”, the BBRC will hold its own Beard Contest at our morning meeting on Friday, September 27. Men (and women, too), don’t wait, now is the time to start growing your beard (or scouring costume or craft stores) to be ready for the Friday meeting.

Beard categories are limitless…. and so are the prizes. Consider a mustache (romantic), goatee (dashing), full beard (manly), fake (disguise-worthy) or maybe something imaginative.

*Definition: Bearder – One who grows a beard for fun or competition.

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BBRC Annual Oktoberfest

By Ann Norman

Join us for Brats and Beer, Because Oktoberfest is Here!

Bring your spouse, adult family, friends and co-workers for fellowship, BBRC style. Beer, brats, pretzels, sauerkraut and other gastronomical treats await you at the home of John and Jan Martinka. So don’t be square, be there! This event costs $20 per person UNLESS you bring a German style appetizer or dessert to share, in which case you pay only $15!  School age kids probably should NOT come to this event.
Where: John and Jan Martinka’s home, 10819 101st Avenue NE, Kirkland
When: Saturday, October 26 from 6:30 – 9:30 PM
Questions: Connect with Robin Callan at 425-922-4074 or