Friday May 6, 2016

"BBRC Mock Interviews!"

Debbie Moore

Partners for Work Coordinator District 5030

Introduced by: Sheldon Sweeney

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Today is a day where BBRC members can give back with Mock Interview Sessions!

Through mock interviews BBRC Rotarians can offer an exceptional experience for Transition students. As business representatives we can provide an actual interview exercise where students can share their resume, experiences and skills. BBRC Rotarians provide students feedback on their marketable skills, dependable strengths and assess their interview technique. This information is invaluable to students and teachers as they develop their career portfolios in preparation for wither the the school system or jobs. Students come away with increased confidence during interviews, an important component in their job search. Each student will leave with a certificate of completion after being introduced to the club from a BBRC Rotarian that interviewed them. Who knows, you might just find a new employee!

As the PFW Coordinator, Debbie Moore will do all of the work for you. She will be with us to do a” mini-training” prior to the program All of the interview questions and Participant Certificates will be provided. Of course the most important task is the outreach to locate participants.  Sheldon Sweeney is coordinating with AtWork to bring in 10 job seekers to be interviewed.

This day is a great day to use your knowledge and skills to help others!

About the Speaker

Debbie Moore was hired as the District 5030 Partners for Work Coordinator in November, 2010. Prior to this position she worked for 13 years with the Issaquah School District as the Career Specialist. There she assisted young adults with developmental disabilities in their vocational goals. Debbie enjoys the complexities of working with families, support agencies, school districts and Rotarians while building more inclusive communities. She was raised in Bellevue, graduated from Interlake High School then on to graduate from WSU (GO COUGS). I enjoy vacations to sunny locations, hiking, country music, going to the movies and time spent with family and her many wonderful friends.