This month the BBRC Third Thursday is on THURSDAY, MAY 18th!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen - Mount Saint Helen’s Day!

We will be meeting around the tall tables in the back of the bar area near the atrium to the south of the restaurant

700 Bellevue Way NE #115, Bellevue, WA 98004

Fellow BBRC Members!

Plan to erupt into celebration on Mt. Saint Helens Day! Get your ash down toMcCormick and Schmick’s (Bellevue Location) on Thursday, May 18th @ 4:00PMand have a BLAST enjoying some epithermal BBRC Fellowship!

Celebrate a lava flow of merriment, as the Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club provides an avalanche of free hors d'oeuvres (not drinks ;-)!!!

Come by yourself, bring a guest, heck, bring your mother for a late Mother’s Day outing or even bring a volcanologist! Just make sure to follow the fire fountain of folks joining our fellow BBRC members for a caldera of fun and pyroclastic friendship @ 4:00PM (or earlier) on Thursday, May 18th! This is going be more fun than an outcrop of columnar jointing basalt or a phreatomagmatic eruption!

Remember that prospective members and guests are ALWAYS as welcome ashydrothermally altered rhyolite magma!

And don’t forget, this cataclysmic event counts as a meeting make-up!


We look forward to seeing your phreatomagmatic mantle plumes at the bar!

Volcaniclasticly yours,

Your BBRC Fellowship Team